[tutti frutti coins] Basted and Ready

[Tutti Frutti Coins] Basted and Ready

I’ve started on yet another quilt (!) — my third. I just can’t help myself. I have a long list of quilts I want to make for the girls, us and family but I’m wanting more practice with sandwiching, free motion quilting and binding before I start using my fancier fabrics. I figured out that I could make a little doll quilt and use it as a third birthday gift for one of Mallory’s friends. Perfect solution.

I’ve been wanting to do a stacked coins quilt and I like how this one came together. I hope to make a little doll pillow to go with it.

This went together fairly quickly. Everything was from my stash, save the purple as I didn’t have one single piece of fabric in purple. I even had the white, which I didn’t even know I had. The colors were determined by the patterned fabric that will be on the back of the quilt (the pattern fabric was a scrap leftover from an outfit I made for my niece 4 years ago).

As I write this, the quilt is nearly complete; I just need to finish hand sewing the binding to the back of the quilt.

More photos of this quilt here.


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