[tutti frutti coins] Finished!

Tutti Frutti Coins :: Front^^ FRONT ^^

SIZE: ~ 18″ x 24″ ? (I forgot to measure before gifting it)
FABRIC: scraps! The fabric on the back determined the color palette and was leftover from an outfit I made my niece several years ago (from Hancocks?). The coins are scraps (except the purple — I had no purple whatsoever in my stash) and even the white I had on-hand (a surprise to me)
DESIGN: stacked coins
machine pieced; stacked coins on front; pieced back
QUILTING: by machine; meandering free motion
BINDING: polka dots (mostly red; small bits of orange and green pieced in); machine sewn to front, hand sewn to back
INSPIRED BY: the back inspired by the back of a quilt by filminthefridge

FOR: Alexis’ third birthday gift

~ • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

I completed and gifted this little doll quilt last weekend. Mallory was invited to a birthday party and the birthday girl was the recipient of the doll quilt. I had hoped to make a matching pillow to go along with the quilt, but that didn’t happen (I have no batting and ran out of time).

Tutti Frutti Coins :: Back^^ BACK^^

I really like being able to make something and give it as a gift — this is new to me. I’ve always liked to craft, but usually not enough to devote time/energy to make a gift and give away my creation. Quilting is enjoyable to me and it makes me feel good to put my heart into something and use my hands to create a unique piece. I never thought I’d say quilting is fun!

Tutti Frutti Coins :: Front Close-up^^ FRONT: Detail ^^

This is my third finished quilt and my free motion quilting is getting so much better — practice, practice, practice! And I think I made it through this entire (little) quilt without having to pick out a single stitch. And I even managed to bury my threads properly. The meandering still isn’t perfect, but much improved from where I started.

Tutti Frutti Coins :: Back Close-up^^ BACK: Detail ^^

Oh, and this is probably the last binding I am going to hand sew on. It just takes me too long. I talked to the owner and quilt teacher at my LQS and she showed me how to machine sew the binding and have it turn out nice, unlike my first attempt.


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