[bento-to-go] Update: post wash

I just thought I would update with a picture of the back of the little bento box quilt after I washed it. Prior to washing, I really wasn’t sure that I liked the back of my quilt-as-you-go quilt. However, the wrinkles and crinkles that appeared after washing filled in the back and gave it the texture it was missing. Since the back gets very little quilting with this quilt method, I wasn’t sure if the washing could do enough to give the quilt-back character, but I think it did.

[bento-to-go] washed

AFTER (washed)

In the QAYG tutorial that I referenced, Penny added in a little decorative stitch to the center of each of her blocks and at the points where the blocks come together. I didn’t do that because my machine doesn’t have any decorative stitches and because my quilt blocks were a lot smaller than hers (~6″ compared to ~13″). I can see how the decorative stitch could add even more character to the back.

[bento-to-go] washed

AFTER (washed)

And for easier comparison, here’s a before washing picture of the quilt back.

[bento-to-go] Finished! -- BACK

BEFORE (unwashed)

Oh, and the quilt front washed up beautifully. Since the quilting is rather tight, there were not as many wrinkles as I’m used to seeing post-wash. The washing process definitely softened the quilt up though.


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