[Trudy] Status Check

My mail lady probably doesn’t know what to think of all of the packages coming my way. And packages I am getting. It is really hard not to tear into them immediately to see your beautiful blocks. But…. I am patient and open them slowly so I can record who sent each package and then record how many blocks are in it (gotta love Excel!).

So, after getting these packages from 28 quilters across the country…

Monday's Mail

Monday's Mail


Tuesday's Mail

Tuesday's Mail


Wednesday's Mail

Wednesday's Mail

… we now have 96 blocks for Errick’s quilt (not counting the dozen or so blocks I made)! I think we still have at least that many more people sending in blocks. So, that means we will have an abundance of blocks and I will be making a large quilt for Errick, a smaller one for his son, maybe some potholders (or table runner?) for his wife and then probably one more large quilt for someone else in need (which I am quite happy to do).


I am planning to piece the top of Errick’s large quilt on Monday, August 2. I want to get this quilt done as soon as possible. If you made blocks and want to contribute them to the quilt but you have not sent them yet, please try to get them in the mail ASAP. If you miss the Monday deadline, then I can use them for the other Arse Kicking projects. They will not go to waste, I promise.

Once again, thank you for you help!


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