[Skipping in the Shade] Finished!

[Skipping in the Shade] Finished!

This is my loose take on Denyse Schmidt’s Hop, Skip & a Jump quilt design using Michelle Engel Bencsko’s Shade Garden fabric (Michelle has since started Cloud9 fabrics and released a couple other fabric collections). The quilt is baby playmat sized and will be going to a fellow DMGQ’er who is expecting her first baby next month. I did not give myself a lot of time to make this quilt, but this design, using the ‘stack and whack’ method to cut the fabric, came together really quickly (Monday: cutting/piecing; Tuesday cutting/piecing; Wednesday: piecing top/back, basting; Thursday: quilting; Friday: binding). The fabric pieces also sew together quickly, since not a lot has to match up. I think this might be my go-to quilt design for baby quilt gifts.

[Skipping in the Shade] Finished!

I used 10 FQs (eight were prints from Shade Garden and the other two were solids I added in) and ended up with a leftover 9″ x 11″ piece of each print (which could be used to make coordinating baby items; but I didn’t have time!). Plus then I needed a half yard for the binding (with leftover) and around two yards for the back (with leftover).

[Skipping in the Shade] Finished!

I quilted in a smallish meandering stipple and added in some small loops, to mimic the design in some of the prints. I am feeling more confident with my FMQing and may soon try something beyond a meandering design. I still get nervous every time I start to quilt a new quilt, hoping that I don’t mess it up. I have also noticed that I move my mouth/jaw funny as I maneuver the quilt around; like I’m trying to guide the quilt with my jaw. Weird.

[Skipping in the Shade] Finished!

And much to my surprise, I decided to hand sew the binding to the back, instead of doing the binding completely by machine (my norm). I figure since it is going to be a fellow quilter, it better be done right! 😛 I hope Amanda likes it!


8 thoughts on “[Skipping in the Shade] Finished!

  1. LJ says:

    I do that weird jaw thing too!! Must be something in the brain wiring! This turned out to be a very lovely quilt! Next month I’m making two of these Hoppish Skippish Jumpish type quilts in twin size for Christmas presents!!


  2. Beth says:

    I think it look fabulous for a new little girl! I also made a quilt on the take of that same DS pattern, I just cut all of my strips straight instead of a bit wonky.. But I made a twin and was able to sue less fabric that way!
    I also do that when FMing but I tend to crank my whole neck, and turn my head.. 🙂


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