[Harper’s Birdies] A Quick Finish

This little quilted mat was a gift for Miss Harper (who was born yesterday!). I wasn’t able to make it to Jenny‘s shower so I gave her the mat at our last DMQG meeting.

[Harper's Birdies] A Quick Finish

I used some of the new Victoria & Albert birds (from the Venice collection) plus coordinating prints and made up the design as I went (although I wish I would have sketched first!). For the batting, I used a double layer of Warm & Natural to make it a little softer because this quilted mat is intended to be a portable diaper change pad (for the car/living room/on-the-go). I backed the mat in a laminated cotton in case of any accidents.

[Harper's Birdies] A Quick Finish

This was my first time working with laminated cotton and it wasn’t as hard to deal with as I expected. I had to rethink a couple of things and I skipped on doing a binding to make for a cleaner edge (I think; I couldn’t work out in my head how to easily and cleanly bind it by machine. I’m sure it can be done though).

Congratulations Jenny on the arrival of Miss Harper (and welcome to the three-girls club)! I can’t wait to meet her. 🙂


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