Doll House: 2nd Floor Finishes

Three quarters of the second floor flooring is done. I initially wanted a pickled finish for the plywood “plank” floor but it turned into a true white wash (plus a gray wash) and the wood grain isn’t visible anymore. Now it’s more like a painted varied-width plank floor which I am happy with. I especially like how the gray wash enhances the distressed wood and the “nail” holes in the wood (made using a nail setter).

I’m thinking we’ll use these three colors for the bedroom walls. My primary reason for using such soft colors is that it will take less coats of paint. Secondly, I think a lot of times when people want to use true color (not a neutral) on their doll house walls (or even real house walls), they pick colors that are too bright. When you looking at the paint swatches for walls, you want to look for the colors that are a little (or a lot) “muddy” looking. This means the color hue has been toned down with some amount of black.

When color is added to walls, it is going to visually intensify because of the shear expanse the paint covers. This happens even with neutral colors.

For example, if you pick an off white color that has a blue (or pink or green) undertone, the room will have a blue (or pink or green) feeling to it when painted. The walls may even end up looking baby blue (or baby pink or pale green).

When you want color on your walls, use the toned down version of the color you think you want. As long as you have the right underlying hue, the toned down version will coordinate with what you want to match.

I used that technique in picking the color for the doll house pantry walls. I wanted the pantry to have a pop of color and I wanted to tie the color to the dining room set. If I had picked a paint color that exactly matches the chair cushion, the room would be fluorescent and uncomfortably bright.

The bathroom flooring won’t be the whitewashed wood. I’m going to tile it using peel-and-stick vinyl tiles in white marble and gray slate (leftover from pantry). I’ll cut the vinyl tiles down to doll-size pieces. Floor design TBD.

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