A New Little Pillowcase

To get my feet wet with my new sewing machine, I made a pillowcase for a little travel-sized pillow for Chelsea.

Pillowcase for Chelsea

I made the pillowcase with the intent of her using the small pillow in her newly converted crib-turned-toddler bed. Chelsea has been using a PBK decorative elephant applique pillow as her bedtime pillow but it is a pain to wash and she is a sweaty kid so it needs to be washed frequently.

Pillowcase for Chelsea

I made the pillow with items already in my stash: some budget-friendly fabrics (from <gasp!> Hobby Lobby and JoAnn) and oversized red ric-rac trim. [I’m trying to bust the non-quilt store quality fabric from my stash and this project was good for that.]

Pillowcase for Chelsea

I got to play with the decorative stitches (one of the blanket stitches) and added that around the cuff of the pillowcase (is that what the end of the pillowcase is called?).

Pillowcase for Chelsea

I referenced a couple different online pillowcase tutorials, but none were easy for me to follow (or maybe it was me). It took me way too long to make this little pillowcase and am not eager to make another one, even though I would like to make one for Mallory. I feel like it should have come together easier and maybe the next one would. I do like how it turned out though. The ric-rac adds the perfect little touch, I think.

It is too bad that Chelsea does not like it. She wants to keep using her little elephant pillow, thankyouverymuch. Silly girl.

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