[Trudy] Binding Done!

I guess I should have given myself a little more credit… hand sewing the binding was not as hard or time consuming as I thought it would be. I really was not looking forward to this step since I thought it would really slow down the progress of the quilt.

Binding Done!

After reading a new-to-me tutorial  regarding hand sewing the binding (from Amy’s Creative Side), I decided that I would try to get as far with it as I could before asking for help. Amy’s method really worked for me and was fast (or as fast as hand sewing can be). Honestly, I was anticipating the binding stage taking a couple weeks (given how long it had taken me to hand sew the binding on a couple doll quilts in the past and given that three little girls are vying for my attention throughout the day), not a day and a half.

I took advantage of every free moment on Wednesday and Thursday and then, surprisingly to me, I was done! It was so cozy to have the quilt laying over me while I worked (I had to have the fans on high so I did not get too hot, given our 100+°F heat!). I cannot get over how soft the flannel backing is. I love it. I also loved looking over the blocks while I worked; thinking of everyone that contributed to the process.

I will get pictures of the full quilt this evening, when the light is good, and post the pictures tonight.

Trudy Potholders

I also completed a couple of pot holders for Errick’s wife to include with the quilt. These are the first pot holders I have made and I used Melanie’s instructions to help put them together. (Thanks Melanie!)

Now all I have left to do is finish up the little book that tells the story of the quilt. And I anticipate putting the care package in the mail on Monday!!!

2 thoughts on “[Trudy] Binding Done!

  1. it is all just fabulous lucia! the potholders are a good reminder of kicking Trudy’s arse in the kitchen…although im sure Trudy is never far from their thoughts…i love all the extras you are doing in this project. Im so excited for you to mail it!

  2. This was such a great idea for using the leftover blocks. Who among us has any potholders that hold so much meaning? I just hope that Errick’ wife doesn’t think they are too precious to use. They are precious, but it sure would be nice if she used them as a constant reminder of the good wishes being sent her way.

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