Light Reading and a Quilting Hiatus

Sadly, I had no choice but to be on a quilting hiatus last week. On Monday I threw out my back and spent the rest of the week trying to manage the pain (which was intense and unbearable for a few days) while taking care of the girls with the help of my wonderful neighbors and then thankfully my mom flew in Wednesday to help rescue me. I was at the chiropractor’s office four times and had an MRI to rule out a herniated disc (thankfully it’s not herniated; instead it’s just degenerative disc disease which sounds worse than it is). I am feeling almost back to normal now which is why I was able to sew yesterday. It is surprising to me how I miss sewing when I don’t do it for several days, especially since I am still so new to this hobby.


To get my quilting fix during my downtime, I spent a little time perusing flickr and quilting blogs looking for inspiration. I then had a great idea to see if our local library has any quilting books. The neat thing I figured out is that I can request a book online and then a librarian will gather up my requests and put them on the hold shelf for me. How cool is that?? It’s like a personal shopper at the library but there’s no buying involved.

I had requested six books be put on-hold. I went to the library yesterday to pick up my holds and came out with 18 books. I decided to check out the quilting section to see if there were any others I missed. I guess I found some.

I’ve been going through the books, flagging quilts/techniques/color combos/designs that I like. Some of the books have so many flags, that I might just need to get the books to add to my own personal library! The books that fall into the category of full-of-inspiration are:

Passionate Patchwork / Kaffe Fassett

The Quilts of Gee’s Bend: Masterpieces from a Lost Place

Liberated Quiltmaking / Gwen Marston (Surprisingly, this book was published in 1997. The techniques and quilts in this book seem so much more current than that)

Collaborative Quilting / Freddy Moran & Gwen Marston (the quilts in this book are brighter than I would normally be drawn to, but still a lot of inspiration inside)

I’m looking forward to putting some of this inspiration into some new quilts.

2 thoughts on “Light Reading and a Quilting Hiatus

  1. At my library you’re not allowed to take out more than 3 books per subject. Lucky you! I wish you well on your backing healing and happy sewing!

  2. Hurray for finding Liberated Quiltmaking. My favorite all-time book. Can’t believe it’s out of print, but looking forward to the new version Gwen is putting out next year. The Gee’s Bend books are all so amazing too. Looks like you found some great books to pour over.

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