Making a Faux Brick Floor for the Doll House Porch

I painted a thin sheet of cork, then cut it up into doll-size brick pieces to use as the flooring for the front porch

I got this far “bricking” the front porch floor (above) before I realized my main adhesive (Liquid Nails) wasn’t adhering the bricks to the painted plywood. Grr…

The few bricks that I couldn’t remove had been glued down with super glue. Super glue would be the ideal choice but I went through a whole regular size container to adhere those seven bricks.

With the right adhesive, the brick porch floor is ready to be grouted. I plan to use a regular sanded grout (comes in a tube).

Also, do you see the the exterior walls have their first coat of paint!

2 thoughts on “Making a Faux Brick Floor for the Doll House Porch

    1. Hi Leslie! I’ve been using Loctite Power Grab ( to adhere cork to my doll house walls and floors (I get the hand-squeezable tube from Home Depot, not the tube that’s used with a caulk gun). I think it works pretty well. It can get a little messy since I use my fingers. I put enough goop on to cover the back of the “brick” then I press it in place. I don’t mind if a little of the goop escapes the sides of the brick because it gives the look of mortar, a little bit. Depending on the look I want of the brick wall/floor, I will go back in and fill in with more of the goop or smooth it out or just clean it up with a wet rag. I’ve done 3 brick doll house walls and the doll house front porch floor this way and this method has held up.

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