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I joined a quilting bee; my first bee! Fussy Cut BeeIt’s The Fussy Cut Bee. I haven’t physically started a new quilt in months (pregnancy will do that to you). However, in my mind, I have a half a dozen WIPs from designs that I’ve dreamed up. I figured a bee would be a good way to get back into the groove because I’d only have to concentrate on one quilt square each month.

The bee starts next month. The baby girl is due next week. I’ve already talked to Jonathan and he’s on board with making sure I get the time each month to sit down at the sewing machine, even with juggling the newborn and two toddlers.

My month for the bee isn’t until next January, which means I get a lot of time to figure out just what fabric to use and what direction to give my fellow bee-ers about my block (which is perfect for me since it takes me so long to make up my mind!).

It’s funny that the logo for the Fussy Cut bee has a bird on it because I’m thinking birds for my blocks. I have some Alexander Henry Starling and a boat load of Tula Pink Nest (the entire top right stack in the picture below).

Fabric Stash

If I use my stash of Nest fabric, then I wouldn’t have to buy any new fabric. But… I’d love to find some new fabric for this bee. I have some time to figure it out.

I just hope I don’t let any of the bee-ers down. They have a lot of great ideas for quilt blocks and several I have never tried before (hexagons or with english paper piecing). Let the cutting, piecing, pressing and sewing begin!

3 thoughts on “Buzz Buzz!

  1. Don’t be scared – I have no experience with hexie’s or paper piecing either! (I’m a fellow bee-er by the way). Like they always say…. fake it til you make it! haha!

  2. Your stash is soo inspiring and neat! If I could only keep mine so tidy…
    I am in my first quilting bee too, it’s always a little nervy when your work will be scrutinized by fellow sewing enthusiasts. We just gotta get over it and have fun! That’s all it’s about anyway. 🙂 Good Luck.

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