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I was just in Tampa for more than a week with my girls visiting my parents and we are now back. While I was there I started working on a little book that will accompany Trudy’s Arse Kicking Quilt, to help explain how it all came together. It is no fancy scrapbook, but I like how it is turning out and like that the book can give the backstory to the quilt. [pics to come]


And now that I am back, I also just picked up the quilt from Liza (The English Street Quilter) and it looks fantastic!! I cannot thank Liza enough for generously taking on this project. She is so easy to work with and did such a fabulous job quilting it. I also really enjoyed getting to know her. She is one cool gal.

Now, the only thing left to do is finish sewing the binding on (Liza made the binding and already sewed it to the front for me). I am terribly slow with handsewing, but I am going to work my fastest to get ‘er done!

While I was away, a couple more blocks came in the mail. So, tomorrow I will get those last few names input into my spreadsheet and then I will do the drawings for the giveaways. Yay! The giveaways will work like this… I will do the drawings sometime tomorrow (Monday, August 16 — which is also my 7th wedding anniversary!), and then post the winners late Monday (8/16) evening (central time). And then, since we have a nice selection of prizes (thanks to some very generous quilty friends), whoever contacts me first will have first dibs on which prize they want. Does that sound good?

Quilted and a Message

Errick just completed his second round of chemo and it didn’t go any better than the first (he’s having some rare side effects from the drugs that make him feel like he is having consecutive heart attacks). Despite that, he remains optimistic that the drugs are working to destroy Trudy.

My husband Jonathan, along with six other friends from high school, went to visit Errick in Michigan the last weekend of July. It was a special trip for everyone involved. Jonathan came home with two blue bracelets that have Errick’s mantra on them: “don’t give up. DON’T EVER GIVE UP.” I have not taken my bracelet off (not even to shower) since putting it on more than two weeks ago (except to take this picture today). I will wear it every hour of every day until Trudy has been taken care of by the doctors. And she will be.

8 thoughts on “Checking In + Giveaway Info

  1. It looks lovely! Can you bring to the Saturday Sew? We’ll ALL pitch in! If not, I could come by this week after work!

    So glad you had a wonderful holiday with your family, it’s important…and Happy Anniversary!!!

  2. First happy anniversary! I hope its a great one! I also hope you had a good vacation. 🙂

    Love the pics, the quilting looks great, I really feel like he is going to love it. How is the little ones quilt coming along? Do you need anything else? Just let me know!

    Sorry about the chemo. 🙁 My dad had a brain tumor when I was younger and our family went through so much with him for about 3 years and then he was no longer with us. I guess thats why I really wanna kick Trudys butt!
    Thanks for putting this together, its very encouraging!!!

  3. The quilt looks amazing! Errick will love it. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into this.

    Happy Anniversary!

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