Doll House: Construction Begins

I have a few woodworking tools but not enough to be able to cut the 4’x8′ sheets of plywood by myself. I’d love to have a table saw at some point, but for now my circular saw, a long metal ruler, some clamps and two pair of hands will do.

I bought three sheets of birch 3/4″ plywood that will become the doll house floors/ceilings and walls. It was important for me to spend a little extra money to get the best plywood because it doesn’t have visible knots and the surface is a lot smoother than other plywood. I contemplated using 1/2″ sheets, but 3/4″ is the best option, in my opinion.

I didn’t mention this in the prototype video, but one huge component of designing the doll house the way I did is that we need a way to disassemble/assemble it fairly easily so that we can move it upstairs to the girls’ playroom when it is done. Each floor will function as an independent layer, so to speak, and that will allow us to carry each floor (sideways) up the stairs and through doorways. We can then neatly stack them again using dowels to get them to align properly and not move. There won’t be any other means (permanent or semi-permanent) of attaching the floors together.

The image above shows our piles of plywood, “organized” by floor. The first pile (with the arched doorway) is the third floor wood, the middle is the second floor wood and the furthest away is the first floor.

To cut the plywood, we put it on top of the black saw horses. We drew a line on the wood to indicate the cut line. We lined up the blade on the circular saw (it’s the green saw in the foreground, on the left) to the cut line. We used a long metal ruler and some clamps to use as a guide for the saw to keep our cuts straight. My dad controlled the saw, while I held the wood. This system works really well if you have two willing and capable adults.

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