Crazy cartwheels or just crazy?

Before today, I hadn’t done any sewing in more than a week. I never thought I’d miss it, but I have. In the meantime I have been perusing Flickr looking at lovely quilts to get inspiration for my next one.

When I spotted this fun little quilt, I thought I’d give the cartwheel block a try. And never one to leave well enough alone, I decided I wanted to change it up a bit, making it more flower-like.

I started cutting my fabric but before I finished I tried to make my flowery cartwheel to see if it would work. I’m glad I did because I had cut some of my fabric pieces too short.

Crazy?(More details of the quilt plan are listed in the photo notes on Flickr – click on photo to go there).

It took me over an hour to make this one little block (lots of reworking my *pattern* and recutting and resewing to get it right). So, that makes me wonder if I am crazy for trying this. That’s a lot of piecing – for me, at least.  Should just stick with the normal cartwheel block?

The only saving grace to this idea is that the planned quilt is only toddler/baby size (~36″x48″) and there are only 12 blocks in the design. BUT the ivory in the block you see is CORDUROY. I had it on hand and it matches the Coriander branches in the Amy Butler print perfectly. The cord is a fine wale, but even so it’s leaving me with a very bumpy block. Ack!

So, am I crazy or should I just stick with the regular cartwheel block and/or ditch the cord?

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