Fixing a Doll House Mistake

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I posted these pictures to our Instagram account but thought the information might be helpful here too.

The way I built the classroom has been bugging me. The doorway limits how we can set up the class room and, even more so, it means there’s only one full wall to put furniture on in the little room between the classroom and Kit’s bedroom on the other side.

I wasn’t going to take apart what’s already been built to fix the opening by replacing the wall. However, I had a hunch that I could fill the hole. Luckily, I still have the piece of wood that had been cut out of the wall.

I attached some temporary braces to the other side of the wall to help keep the insert inline with the existing wall during the repair process.

I screwed the insert to the floor from underneath. I used my favorite wood glue to join the insert to the wall.

I used wood filler to fill the gap between the wall and insert. I had to go back and forth several times between the wood filler and sanding to level the surface.

With paint on the walls, the repair job is not noticeable and now we have a better blank slate to start with for our classroom.

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