[dolly bees in pink] Finished!

I am on a roll! I’ve finished two quilts this week. Granted they are smaller quilts (baby and doll sized), but a completed quilt is a completed quilt!

I feel like I have a little more time on my hands to sit at the machine because JMW and Mal are at Grandma and Grandpa’s for the week and somehow mom’ing just two children is like ten times easier than mom’ing three.

[dolly bees in pink] Finished!

SIZE: ~ 22″ x 27″
FABRIC: pink, brown and ivory fabric with bees, honeycomb shapes and stripes + Kona solid (espresso)

DESIGN: square in square
QUILTING: by machine; FMQ meandering design

BINDING: Kona Espresso with small bit of pink pieced in; machine sewn to front and back using a new-to-me method
INSPIRED BY: wanting to try a square-in-square design
FOR: a birthday gift (daughter’s friend)

So this quilt is another little quilt… I’m kind of hooked on small sized quilts because it lets me practice all of the steps of the quilting process in a relatively short amount of time.  The little quilts are also an easy way for me to try out a design that could one day be used for a big quilt.

This little quilt is supposed to be doll sized but it’s actually kind of big for doll sized, but it’ll work. I made it for a future birthday gift for a little girl. I anticipate that there might be one or two birthday parties coming up in the next couple of months so I figured I might as well get a present taken care of so I wouldn’t be scrambling at the last minute.

[dolly bees in pink] Finished!

I pieced the top at last month’s Saturday Sew with the DMQG. I did an alternating square-in-square design to see how I liked that pattern. The distribution of fabrics could have been better in the quilt but block placement was tricky since I didn’t want like fabrics to touch on the 4 sides of the blocks.

[dolly bees in pink] Finished!

I FMQ’d it in a meandering design, using a medium brown quilting thread that was probably a little too light for the task (the “too light” aspect is only noticeable on the Kona Espresso solid). It was what I had on hand, so I used it. My FMQ’ing is getting a little better but there is still a lot of room for improvement. I feel like I am on the verge of being out of control when I FMQ (Is that normal?). My machine is practically jumping on the table when I have the foot pedal all the way engaged. I’ve been told you are supposed to go very fast to FMQ but with the way my machine works, I feel like I have to move the fabric so, so fast to get even stitches. I can usually manage to get curvy wandering lines (although sometimes there are some wonky lines thrown in). I am always completely in awe of the FMQ’ing that has a  planned design in it. How do those quilters do that?

[dolly bees in pink] Finished!

Earlier this week, I talked to the very helpful owner of my LQS about my binding issues. She sews her binding on differently than I had been doing, so I decided to give her method a try with this quilt. Her method is backwards from what I had been doing. With her method, you take the double fold binding and sew raw edge to raw edge on the back of the quilt (instead of the front, which is what I had been doing). Then you wrap the binding around to the front and sew the rest of the binding on from the front, right along the edge of the binding (see picture below to see where the stitching is). I didn’t think I’d be able to sew that straight of a line so close to the edge of the binding without falling off, but I did it! I was even able to make my corners pretty with this method. I’m going to stick with this method of binding my quilts, unless I want to try my hand at hand sewing the binding to the back (again).

[dolly bees in pink] Finished!

Now that this quilt is done, I can move onto the next one! I have at least a dozen quilt designs I want to try and loads of fabric to play with… 🙂

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3 thoughts on “[dolly bees in pink] Finished!

  1. Lucia, it looks wonderful! so excited to see it completed since I saw it as you pieced it at Saturday Sew! That will be one lucky little girl!!!

  2. That binding is fantastic. Machine sewing binding is so hard for me. Impressive!

    You definitely don’t have to drive your machine like you’re driving a racecar when free-motion quilting. The trick is just to match the speed of your stitching to the speed you move your quilt. Feeling out of control can’t make it very fun. If your stitches are too tiny move the quilt through your machine faster or speed up your machine a bit. If your stitches are too long slow your machine or move your quilt faster. Decide which will make you feel less frantic.

    Hope this helps & doesn’t come across as crazy-lady-know-it-all!

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