[dolly numbers] My First Real Quilt, FINISHED!

Practice + Decisions: Front^^ FRONT ^^

SIZE: ~ 18″ x 24″
FABRIC: mainly a repurposed IKEA Siffror duvet cover (bought with the purpose of making a quilt) then a mix from Joann with a couple from my LQS.
DESIGN: made it up. Kind of a wonky log cabin 9 patch? on the front.
QUILTING: free motion (my first attempt on a real quilt)

BINDING: pieced; machine sewn on front, hand sewn (poorly done) on back
INSPIRED BY: this, this, and this created by stitchindye
FOR: my girls

In trying to figure out what kind of border (if any) to use on my Numbers lap quilt, I used leftover blocks to make this doll quilt. These little number blocks were originally meant to go on the back of the bigger Numbers quilt, but I couldn’t figure out how to incorporate them, so a doll quilt they became. As soon as I finished stitching the binding, into the wash it went as I was anxious to see and feel it nice and crinkly.

Practice + Decisions: Back ^^ BACK ^^

After looking at pictures of both front and back, I am preferring the back to the front; much less busy.

For the back, I was limited with what I could use since my leftover piece of numbers fabric had many, many holes fussy cut out of it.

The doll quilt was also my chance to try out everything that I have read online about finishing a quilt: sandwiching, basting, free motion quilting (FMQ), making binding and then sewing it on.

[baby numbers] doll quilt detail^^ FRONT detail ^^

Boy am I glad I practiced on this small quilt first! My FMQ is a mess (as expected for a first timer, especially since my machine is 30 years old and has no stitch length regulator or speed control).

[baby numbers] doll quilt detail^^ BACK Detail ^^

And my handstitching for the binding is not pretty. I need to read up on how to do that better (with a blind or slip stitch?). I am very proud of this little quilt (my first real finished quilt!), warts and all.

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