My Dream Machine!

After a lot of thought and a commitment to watch my fabric spending for the rest of the year, I got my new sewing machine this week!

Initially, I was going to get the Janome 3160QDC. But it did not have all that I wanted (mainly a larger harp) so I kept looking to see what else was out there that better met my needs wants.

Enter the Janome MC6600P… woo boy! This machine is a mack daddy of quilting sewing machines; it really is a dream machine and I am so happy and lucky to have it.

At first I was drawn to the MC6600P because of the larger harp area (almost nine inches). Then, I was introduced to its other features — the AccuFeed system (built-in walking foot), knee lift, independent bobbin winder to name just a few — and it was love at first sight. 🙂

I did my research and found out the MC6600P has many happy owners and very few complaints. And more good news for me is that the MC6600P is currently on clearance at my store (35 percent off) because Janome just released a super duper fancy machine. Put all those factors together and I just had to have it.

Week 21 :: Day 5 [new sewing machine!]
Testing out some of the decorative stitches.
This machine has a boatload of stitches (163 to be exact), compared to the three that I am used to on the old machine. And from the little bit of free motion quilting that I have done on it so far, it just sings. I cannot wait to FMQ with it on a real project. I am hoping to start doing some more decorative FMQing with pretty little designs and more deliberate swirls (instead of the random squiggles that have been in my repertoire.

This new machine is my Mother’s Day gift and future Anniversary and Christmas gifts all wrapped into one ( + Labor Day, Columbus Day, Thanksgiving and Groundhog Day gifts… you get the picture). And I will put some future LULU BLOOM Growing Up Baby Book sales toward  paying for it too.

I will be keeping my old machine as my back-up machine and as a travel machine. I do not see me toting around the new machine to Saturday sew events because it weighs 38 pounds (yes, thirty-eight). That’s heavy!

I brought the machine home Monday and have been able to play with it a little this week (only because my mom is here to help me with the girls and Chelsea’s broken arm situation while Jonathan is out of town). And I even went and had my one-on-one class at the shop to learn more about it.

I see many, many quilts in this machine’s future and can’t wait to get started!

4 thoughts on “My Dream Machine!

  1. I’ve had my eye on that machine for quite some time. Now you make me want to get one even more. I’ll be calling the sewing shop to inquire if that price went down. As of January it was $2500 CAD.

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