Fabric, Glorious, Fabric!

I happen to live about 40 minutes from the Moda showroom/warehouse (!) and yesterday was lucky enough to go there with a friend who has the right credentials to get in (reseller certificate).

Ninety-nine percent of the fabric there is on bolts in 15+ yard increments. I went there knowing I didn’t need 15 yards of any fabric, so I wasn’t hopeful I’d find anything to purchase but was still excited at the chance to see and touch all that Moda has to offer.

The icing on the cake of this fabric warehouse trip ended up being the close-out section; smaller cuts of fabric at an even more discounted price. Perfect! I went to Moda hoping to get some Wonderland by MoMo. In the close-out section there were only a few bolts of Wonderland but they were still in yardage larger than I’d need or like (8+ yards), but then I spotted these…

Fabric, Glorious, Fabric.
…small cuts of (discontinued) Nest fabrics by Tula Pinkwhat a score! I have been coveting Nest fabrics after seeing some quilts on Flickr. I love the colors, designs and how it looks all pieced together. <drool>

I did end up getting a Wonderland kit, small bolts of natural muslin and Bella Solids in white, and a couple of small cuts of polka dot fabric from the 1974 line by Urban Chiks. Lovely stuff. <must stay away from Moda showroom!>

2 thoughts on “Fabric, Glorious, Fabric!

  1. Must stay away from fabric stores completely! It’s an addiction I tell you! Lovely haul! I “think” I’m all done for a while. Maybe.

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