Finish It Up! Check-in

It is time for me to check-in with my Finish It Up! progress, especially since it is week four! This summer is flying by and I only have one finish so far. :/

[I am focusing my efforts on my IN PROGRESS/DUE projects and am trying to skip the LONG TERM and ON HOLD/IN LIMBO projects (which I described here).]


  • [Arcadian Meadow] FinishedArcadian Meadow (throw quilt): finished! (I linked this finish to Meg’s post for FIU!)
  • County Picnic (picnic quilt): no progress; hope to finish before August
  • Knowledge, Faith, Nurture (potholders): no progress; will tackle during road trip in August
  • Trudy Tres (throw quilt): no progress; taking to a quilt retreat at the end of the month
  • Hopscotch Patchwork (picnic/throw quilt): no progress; taking to retreat
  • Bee Blocks (x3): no progress; will finish before retreat

Considering that I finished one WIP, my WIP count should have gone down to 10. Instead, it rose to 12 because I started two more (similar) projects. I could have easily started two more, but I restrained myself. And then there’s the baby quilt I have yet to start but need to so I can give it as a gift.

I am in the midst of organizing my fabric because it was all over the place in my sewing room. I am nearly done with getting it back in order, so now I should be able to focus on my WIPs (and hopefully not start any more projects!).

2 thoughts on “Finish It Up! Check-in

  1. better progress than i can report Lucia! would love to see your organized fabric/room when you are done with that project!

  2. How are you organizing yr stash–I am in the process (hah!) and with not much space and tons of stash am looking for any suggestions….my business this year is to” bash my stash”–no more NEW fabric!! After some 20 yrs of quilting still own a lot of funny little pieces that I cannot bear to throw out–help!!! Love your quilts–Julie L

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