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Meg (Fashioned by Meg) is organizing a challenge this summer to tackle all of those WIPs and UFOs. My list of unfinished projects is longer than I would like, so my goal is to complete several before September.

I am a little late posting my initial “Finish it Up!” plan, but better late than never!

I have a few categories for my WIPs/UFOs: IN PROGRESS/DUE, LONG TERM and ON HOLD/IN LIMBO. My summer quilting efforts will focus on the projects in the IN PROGRESS category.

IN PROGRESS/DUE (i.e. want to finish before September or sooner)

  • Modern Meadow Stash -- Giveaway Loot!ArcadiaArcadian Meadow | Q16 | June ’10 – ? | large throw (56″ x 84″)
    STATUS: piecing blocks
    This quilt is a wedding gift for my brother. He was married in January, so this one is at the top of the list.
  • Sew Fun 2 | Sample blocks for MeCounty Picnic (Sew Fun 2 Bee quilt) | Q39 | Mar ’11 – ?  | picnic (72″x72″)
    STATUS: more than half way done with quilting
    I got frustrated with the straight-line quilting, so I gave up for the time being.
  • Happy Birthday to ME!Knowledge, Faith, Nurture | Q35 | Mar ’11 – ?  | potholders (8 pair)
    STATUS: 9 finished and delivered. 7 left to bind and deliver.
    These were meant to be end-of-the-year teacher gifts, but I didn’t finish binding them all. 🙁 We delivered at least one potholder to each teacher and will mail the mates to the teachers this summer.
  • Trudy's Arse Kicking Quilt [a call for help]Trudy Tres (for ?) | Q22 | July ’10 – ? | throw
    STATUS: blocks completed; block placement determined; ready to piece top
    Using the last of the blocks from the Trudy collaborative quilt project to make a third quilt.
  • Hopscotch Patchwork WIP Hopscotch Patchwork | Q17 | June ’10 – ? | picnic
    STATUS: several rows pieced; still need to finish “7” & “8” number blocks
  • Bee Blocks
    I have three blocks to make and then all of my bee obligations will be finished


  • Wee Play Hexes Wee Play Gma’s Garden | Q18 | July ’10 – ? | lap
    STATUS: ~80 hexes made, some put together
    My oldest starts Kindergarten next year, so I anticipate getting back into this project as I sit in the car in the pick-up line every day.


  • Ode to DenyseOde to Denyse | Q40 | June ’11 – ? | couch quilt (48″x72″?)
    STATUS: gathering and cutting fabric
    ON HOLD: I may or may not wait to piece the blocks until the beginning of next year. It all depends on if I want to include the reprint of FMF.
  • Fussy Cut Bee (A) :: Block TutorialFramed & Nested (Fussy Cut Bee quilt) | Q30 | Jan ’11 – ? | throw
    STATUS: waiting on one block by a bee member but he won’t respond to any of my messages (I’d at least like the fabric back from him); need to finish more blocks on my own.
    ON HOLD: This is supposed to be for my niece for when she graduates from high school in two years (yes, a little early to make), BUT now that I see it come together, I’m not sure that the fabric/colors match her style.
  • Another WIP... Scrappy Leaders & Enders Leading the Irish | Q19 | July ’10 – ? | size TBD
    STATUS: 20 or so blocks pieced; many others partially constructed
    ON HOLD: I didn’t do a great job with piecing some of these squares, so I am not very motivated to finish this one up. I just need to do it though and be done with it.
  • Now What? Bandanna Hope | Q14 | May ’10 – ? | ?
    STATUS: three quilt-as-you-go blocks made
    ON HOLD: I don’t know if I want to make a large quilt-as-you-go quilt because I don’t really like how the backs of a quilt-as-you-go quilt looks. Alternative is to turn the three blocks into a mini quilt/portable change pad??
  • IMG_1431 Patchwork Curtains in ProgressPlayroom Patchwork | Q0 | Apr ’09 – ? | curtains
    STATUS: one “top” done; need to piece other top
    ON HOLD: This is the first patchwork project I started since seriously quilting. I’m not exactly sure how to finish and hang the curtains, so I stopped working on them. And now I wonder if the curtains are right for the room…

I have eleven WIPs/UFOs total. I would like to tackle five + 3 bee blocks this summer. I hope that being in the Finish it up” group will motivate me to get it all done!

6 thoughts on “Finish it Up!

  1. That’s a good idea of how to change the bandana quilt into a finished project if you really don’t like how those quilts look. Good luck on your UFO sewing! I’m in a serious crackdown of my own, but I just use my blog to do it. Meg’s Finish It Up “party” sounds fun. 🙂

  2. I think this is a great way to organize these! I also have a couple of quilt blocks I am just not crazy about and am hoping to both donate/ transform into something else. What a bummer about your Fussy Cut Bee block being “in limbo”. I loved the blocks that you chose for that bee!

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