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Thank you for the anniversary wishes. They are much appreciated. 🙂

Also, I need to email a couple of people back who have offered to help with the binding. This week is just crazy busy, so please know I’m not ignoring you, I am just swamped with life (in addition to trying get this done as fast as I can). I will email you soon because I do need help!

I had high hopes of being organized enough to do a proper drawing by printing out your names on paper and having my big girls pick names from a bowl. Today didn’t go as planned, so I’m doing the drawing a different way, but still randomly.

I ended up receiving 214* blocks donated by 61 quilters. I logged all of the packages and blocks I received in Excel. I have assigned each block a number. The numbers were loosely assigned from when I received your blocks (by mail or in person). For instance, I got Melanie‘s two blocks first (since she lives close by) which means her assigned numbers are “1” and “2.” Your specific assigned numbers will be used to figure out whose name gets chosen. [Does that all make sense?? I can’t figure out how to word what I’m trying to say.]

*I really got 213 blocks + fabric to make another one, but I counted the fabric as one block to give that quilter a chance at the giveaway.

To recap the ten giveaway prizes:

  1. Tula Pink Neptune Honey Bun [CLAIMED/6]
    donated by Kelly / kelby30
  2. Tula Pink Neptune Fat Quarter (Caspian in Deep Sea) [CLAIMED/7]
    donated by Jenny / JennyWeldingCaps
  3. Denyse Schmidt Flea Market Fancy Half Yard (Yellow Seeds) [CLAIMED/3]
    donated by Riel / The Q and The U
  4. Sanae Arcadia Honey Bun [CLAIMED/5]
    donated by Michelle / Tapestry Tree
  5. Basic Grey Blush Charm Pack [CLAIMED/1]
    donated by an anonymous quilter
  6. Denyse Schmidt Flea Market Fancy Fat Quarter (Green Bouquet) [CLAIMED/8]
    donated by Ellen / epban
  7. Heather Ross Mendocino Fat Quarter (Swimming Sisters in gold) [CLAIMED/11]
    donated by Ellen / epban
  8. Hexagon Kit with Heather Ross Spoonflower prints + more [CLAIMED/4]
    donated by Christine / sowandsewdoll
  9. Heather Ross Fat Quarter Set (Blue Ponies, Blue Gnomes, Blue/Brown dots) [CLAIMED/9]
    donated by Christine / sowandsewdoll
  10. Tula Pink Nest Fat Quarter Pack (you pick four) [CLAIMED/2]
    donated by me

And finally, the winning numbers:

Giveaway Winners

  1. 53: Jean F. (TX)
  2. 123: Allen (IL) splendorfalls (flickr name figured out!)
  3. 154: scrapstudio-kellylautenbach
  4. 13: JennyWeldingCaps
  5. 96: bessimae
  6. 113: krousegirl2
  7. 7: jenashford
  8. 195: sowandsewdoll
  9. 163: mamaspark
  10. 156: scrapstudio-kellylautenbach <– Duplicate winner, so I’m drawing another 🙂
  11. 141: brand.jenna

If you see your name up there, email me immediately (wilke [at] lulubloom [dot] com) and tell me your favorite prize (and list your second and third choices too in case your first choice has already been claimed). I tried to match up flickr names / real names / addresses / emails as best as I could, but there are a couple of holes in my spreadsheet where I only have the info that was on the return address label. I listed flickr names where I could above.

I can’t thank you enough for all of the contributions (blocks, prize giveaways, materials, and help in general). 🙂

4 thoughts on “Giveaway Results

  1. Hi, it looks like I got REALLY lucky and won a prize.
    1st choice is the #5 Basic Grey Blush pack,
    2nd choice is the #2 Neptune Caspian FQ,
    3rd choice is the #8 Hexagon Kit.


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