I’m back, I think…. [Smurf Forest] WIP

Wow, I really didn’t think my mojo would go on vacation for this long. I basically haven’t sewn since our guild retreat in November. I went on another quilting retreat about a month ago and didn’t even bring my machine or fabric. I brought scrapbooking supplies instead; but it was at that retreat that my mojo started to wake back up.

At the retreat, I saw Angie making blocks for her French Roses quilt. I really loved the look of the blocks and how tactile the quilt is in the end because of the layered raw-edge appliqué (more examples here). I decided I must make this quilt and quickly figured out for who and what fabric to use.

The only thing stopping me from making it right away is three commission quilts. The commission quilts are long overdue and what I blame for losing my mojo.

After making two commission quilts last year, the novelty of doing them has warn off and I have decided it is not for me. I need to do this hobby for me alone and without a goal of making money. I committed to these last three commission before I figured this out.

So, that leads me to my latest accomplishment… it is not a finished quilt, but a finished commissioned quilt TOP. I do not usually photograph completed tops, but this time it seemed warranted given my recent slump.

[Smurf Forest] WIP

The design is wholly inspired by Amanda Jean’s quilt blocks that I saw on Pinterest. Before sewing any fabric together, I did a digital sketch of it first to see if I liked the design in these colors and to get feedback on it. The finished top looks remarkably like the sketch.

I am calling the quilt “Smurf Forest” because it will be backed with a vintage Smurf sheet and I think the pieced strips look a little like trees.

I only have one more commission quilt top to make and then it is on to the quilting and binding for three quilts. I am hoping to get these commissions wrapped up in the next couple of months so I am free to quilt as I wish once again. Wish me luck!

8 thoughts on “I’m back, I think…. [Smurf Forest] WIP

  1. I love the variation in your backgrounds!! I find it hard to function when things are “looming” out there that I’m not crazy about. I work better when I’m freed up a little! Best wishes!

  2. Ahh, I suffer the same effects with commissions. Very liberating to realize this and get to claim the new mojo for yourself. Best of luck getting them finished!!! Glad you’re back!

  3. I totally understand about commission pieces slowing down your desire to create. I paint too, and a few years ago I received a commission (for a freaking bowl of fruit!!!) that made me never want to pick up my paintbrush again! I think it must be very hard to make a living off of one’s passion, unless you sell already created things. It is really hard to be inspired by someone else’s vision – especially someone who doesn’t DO what you do. (It’s easy to be inspired by other quilters or painters I mean). Anyway I love your blog and love your stuff – stop taking commissions and get back to making what you feel moved to make.

  4. I just want to say, that your blog is soooo lovely and full of inspiration! I am sure, I will be looking more regularly 🙂 Jolana

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