Ketchup, anyone?

I hope I qualify to participate in Pat Sloan’s Ketchup Weekend even though I’m not participating in any BOMs or calendar quilts. I just feel very behind in my quilting since it nearly came to a hault due to having company the last couple of weeks and throwing out my back last week. The timing for Ketchup Weekend isn’t the best, considering it’s Father’s Day, but I think I can squeeze in some time with my trusty Singer.

I’ve added my intended projects to the ketchup challenge Flickr pool and these are my very lofty goals:

  • Clementine Squares -- Top Clementine Squares: piece back, baste, quilt
  • Wonky Scrapbusting String Quilt :: WIP, Top Pieced Scrappy Strings: finish piecing back and possibly make binding
  • Not the prettiest... (front pieced) Cartwheel Flowers: piece back and possibly make binding

PLUS, I want to finalize the design for my placemat swap quilts and start piecing them; they are due by the end of the month! I want to create liberated pictorial quilts and I have a lot of ideas bouncing around in my head. I’ve never made a pictorial quilt so I want to give the process a try to make sure I can handle it. I think I can. 🙂

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