Additions to Kit’s Room

I can’t seem to focus on just one area of the doll house. I jump around between different parts of this fairly big project working on whatever suits my mood for the day.

I made my way back to Kit’s room to finish off the last bit of built-in details that I envision her room having.

I imagine the attic in the Kittredge house as a place where the family stores some extra belongings but they’ve also made accommodations to make it comfortable for Kit.

I added deeper shelves between the wall studs for both Kit’s belongings and family storage space. And I gave Kit a rod to hang her clothes. Lastly, I installed her curtain rod, made from a dowel, a small wooden finial on each end and two cup hooks to hold it. The room looks move-in ready now.

The door in Kit’s room opens up into another room that has yet to have a specific purpose. I was waffling back and forth on wall color but have decided to go with white. The floors are a medium brown stained wood.

Just like in the craft room, this ceiling has a seam where the two wood pieces meet up. I wanted to hide that so used some leftover wall paper that’s made to look like a tin ceiling to cover the seam. The wallpaper started off white. I painted it gray with a paint brush, making sure to get into all the detailed bits. Then I did a wash with metallic silver paint + glaze to highlight the texture. The wallpaper is fairly thick so I used ModPodge to adhere it. It wasn’t hard to install. I think it looks pretty cool!

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