Minnie, the Quilter

We took our first family vacation (ever!) this past week and spent a couple of days in Orlando. We went to Magic Kingdom and our older girls (4.5 and newly 3) were in awe with meeting the Princesses and had a blast riding the rides. During our visit we toured Minnie Mouse’s house and I discovered something quite interesting… Minnie is a quilter! Did you know that?

Minnie, the Quilter

While I was there, I figured we (me and Tessa) would help her with one of her WIPs. We also discovered that Minnie is quite the accomplished quilter; she had another quilt hanging on the wall with a blue ribbon attached. 🙂

One thought on “Minnie, the Quilter

  1. AWESOME! I had no idea Minnie was a quilter. I’ll have to show Kate – she’ll love it. Sounds like Disney was a blast 🙂 Hope you see you soon!

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