A writer I am not. I have tried to get these thoughts out of my head several times, but they just do not want to flow in a logical way. So, instead, I will use my pictures to guide the way.

I go through a good bit of masking tape, as a quilter.


I use the high adhesion variety to baste my quilts (the medium-high adhesion is not sticky enough to keep my fabric as taut as I would like it). I baste on a hard flat surface (my bathroom floor) and use the grout lines to align the back and top.


I only tape the backing and I lay the batting over it and smooth it out with my hands. Then I lay the top out on the batting and smooth, smooth, smooth. The batting holds the top in place as I pin. I do a lot of re-smoothing as I pin, so it’s smooth, smooth, pin, smooth, smooth, pin, and so on. I seldom get puckers and I think it is because I am pretty fastidious with my basting.

Pinning Blocks

I use the medium adhesion masking tape to label my blocks when they are in their final position on my design wall. When it comes time to sew the blocks together, I can do so without worry regarding the order and orientation. The taped labels remind me of both. And I save and reuse my labels until they are no longer sticky. (You could also use blue painter’s tape, but I find the medium adhesive works fine for me and it is what I have on hand.)

And related to the picture above, see those pins? They are now my friends. I have made enough quilts to know when it is most advantageous to pin. And I also know when I can get by without pinning.


It turns out that I am improving as a quilter and my points are matching up more often than not. How about that? I am guessing that has something to do with the aforementioned pinning.

Because I am learning to sew a consistent 1/4″ seam and my points are matching up better, I am cautiously opening my eyes to a wider variety of quilt designs to try. Like dresden plates, a large quilt full of HSTs (I’ve only done small quantities of HST before), pieced circles, and possibly the + and X quiltalong on flickr. My confidence as a quilter is growing so I am eager to try some new-to-me techniques and designs.

How about you? Are you trying anything new-to-you?

/end random post

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