[Ode] Progress

I now have a little bit of every Flea Market Fancy print after my begging plea for help in a previous post. I owe a huge THANK YOU to Angie, Penny, Steph, Jenny, Alecia, Dorrie, Amy, Erin, Amy, Krista, and Jenn for donating to or swapping with me. Often times, it takes a village to make a quilt, and this quilt is no exception.

In other news, Denyse Schmidt released sneak peeks of her next JoAnn collection, Sugar Creek, which will be available in late August.

[Ode] Progress

Now that I have all FMF in hand and know what Sugar Creek looks like, I have an idea of how all of the fabrics will work together in my Ode quilt. I have been tracing and cutting out more pieces to add to my design wall (placement of colors no where close to final).

[Ode] Progress

For the Sugar Creek prints, I made little paper swatches of the fabrics by printing out the pictures of the collection and cutting them up. I’ve pinned the paper swatches to my design wall where I think they will work. Obsessed much??

Originally I thought I would use a white or an ivory background with the circles, but that choice seems too safe. So, now I am leaning more toward a darker neutral like Moda Bella Solids in Stone (daring, right?!). You can see what bright KJR colors look like on Stone in this image and here’s another quilt with Stone (both not mine). Stone is a good way to go, right?

7 thoughts on “[Ode] Progress

  1. Yup. The stone looks great! And by the way. You are a genius. I love how you are using darks and lights in your circles. Brilliant. I have learned something!!! 🙂 Now I need to go read about your curve master foot. Never heard of that before. I am gonna have to learn, cause curves are really intriguing me, right now!

  2. This is looking so great! I’ve been hoping for an updated version for a while! Personally, I think white would look best, because I LOVE how white sets off all the other colors and adds a great cohesiveness (that’s a word, right?) when you have lots of different prints all together. I can’t wait to see what you end up doing!

  3. So awesome! I like white to make everything pop! However I am sure either one will look great, how could it not? This is definately on my to do list, thanks for such inspiration!

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