Oh, happy day!

Oh, Happy Day!

My order from Kerri arrived today… a beautiful bundle of Heather Ross’ Far Far Away Chapter II. I couldn’t decide on a single colorway so I got a bit of it all. Initially I was a little nervous about using the fabric for quilting since Heather calls it a “bottom weight” fabric, which means it is not a soft quilting cotton (it’s a linen-cotton blend). Now that I have it in hand, I think it will work fine. Yeah, it’s not super soft, but my guess is that with each wash it will get softer.

Right now this stack of fabrics will be used to set the tone for the next big girl room as a full sized quilt.  I have plenty of time to make the quilt since we won’t need to convert the nursery to a big girl room for another two years.

The plan is to pair the prints from Chapter II (and the Chapter I in my stash) with a lot of Kona solids and hopefully make a quilt kind of like this

Lantern Bloom Quilt and Photo by Alissa (handmadebyalissa)

Not an original design on my part, but I think Alissa’s design would be a perfect way to showcase the illustrations in Chapter II, don’t you?

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  1. Hi, there. Thanks for visiting my blog. You asked a question, and I always try to respond to comments/questions, but you are registered as a no reply-comment blogger, so I couldn’t send an email reply. Regarding efficiently sewing hexies together, I’m having trouble figuring it out myself this early in the morning. I need to think it out again and then I’ll post about it with pictures. It has to do with sewing them in an order in which you don’t have to start and stop as much/less tying off of thread. Stay tuned…. 🙂

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