Ok, so I lied…

… in my last post, but it wasn’t intentional, I swear.

I have one other WIP that I forgot to mention. I forgot to mention it because it is being worked on in the background while I do other sewing. It is one of those *free* quilts (little/no cost; little time investment initially) – a scrappy leaders & enders quilt.

Another WIP... Leaders & Enders

You chain piece the blocks (two patches and four patches in my case) as leaders & enders while you are working on other projects and miraculously the quilt blocks come together. BUT to do a scrappy leaders & enders quilt you have to have your scraps all pre-cut and ready to go before you work on another project. And that takes time to sort through your scraps, find the right size pieces and then cut hundreds of two inch squares from the odd bits of fabric. I thought I had plenty of two inch squares to work with but have since cut more twice.

This morning the blocks were calling my name so I started to turn the two patches into four patches and the four patches into the bigger blocks. I really wasn’t sure how my scrappy two inch squares would look together in a quilt but so far I LOVE how it is coming together. And surprisingly, once I figured out my system for piecing the blocks, they don’t take a lot of time to make (I am doing a good bit of finger pressing when I can to make the process faster).

My leaders & enders blocks are coming together in a quasi double Irish chain design, like the third quilt pictured in the link above (I say quasi because I don’t think the lights in most of my blocks are light enough to get the right affect… ah well. I still like love it though). I think my mishmash of scraps works because there are repetitive colors throughout the blocks: red, a spattering of black and darker blue plus an abundance of pink.

Another WIP... Leaders & Enders
The four patches on the left are being auditioned together to see what looks good where (not yet pieced together). On the right, individual blocks are pieced, just not pieced to adjacent blocks.

I really should be working on my other WIPs and finish quilts that I’m making for a specific purpose, but I just couldn’t resist working on these blocks. This is mostly mindless sewing and it was what I was craving (on the other hand, the hopscotch quilt I’m making is the opposite of mindless sewing).  I can’t wait to see it all come together!

4 thoughts on “Ok, so I lied…

  1. You are making me consider my leaders and enders more carefully. 8^) Mine have just been for the trash but… this is good.

  2. Lucia, this is beautiful! My very favorite quilts are bright and scrappy with lots of white. I can’t wait to see this one finished!

  3. Hi There,
    I just bought the Leaders and Enders book last night and am planning to make a scrappy irish chain with all red scraps. I found your blog after searching for this quilt pattern and I love your color combinations.

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