Placemats Revealed!

Word is my swap partner has received her placemats, so I can reveal them here. 🙂 I also received hers (we love them!), but need to take pictures, so a post with those pics coming soon!

Placemat Quilts

My swap partner and I both have two girls, so we decided to swap two tea party size placemats instead of one full size placemat. The finished size of the placemats is about 9 inches by 14 inches. The tea set my placemats were made to coordinate with has more muted colors of yellow, turquoise, green, pink, purple, and light browns.

Placemat Quilts

I have been wanting to try pictorial style quilts and after many sketches I decided to try house designs. I had fun figuring out how to piece the houses together and the only real mistake I made was that I initially used blue fabric inside the “window” and that made it look there was sky in the house. So, I used my seam ripper and pulled out the old window then made a new window with yellow instead and pieced it in.

Placemat Quilts

I can’t even tell you what fabric I used — most is from my LQS and mostly Moda, but all different lines/collections/designers. I did use an aqua-ish thread to quilt the mats. I still need to practice my stippling and wish it was better, but it’s the best I can do at this time.

Placemat Quilts

To the back, I added my LULUBLOOM tag and incorporated a quasi-stamped kinda faded *label* to id the by/for whom and why of the mats.

Sneak Peek

I hope my swap partner and her daughters like them!

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