[Process] Now what?

This is me documenting the process of my work.

I am finding that I have a hard time putting my intentions and *process* thoughts into words let alone sentences and paragraphs (and forget about saying anything witty or interesting). For the time being, I am going to rely on using some bullet points to get across what I’m trying to say.

Onto the next one...

I started a new quilt last night and am now stuck with where to go with it. Here’s some background info:

  • I wanted to try another small quilt-as-you-go quilt because I wanted to see if I can get a better looking back the second time around, I wanted to use fewer but larger pieces of batting and I wanted to quilt it a little differently (something other than straight lines).
  • A dear friend is having a baby boy and I have already sketched and pulled fabric for a baby quilt for her (and him) using two Rabbits and Racecars prints + greys, blue, gold, and orange solids; I’m eager to see the baby quilt (and my design) come together, I just haven’t started yet.
  • I want this small quilt to be an add-on to the baby Rabbits and Racecars quilt gift. I decided that a small quilt could make a nice travel/portable diaper change pad since it has some padding and is washable (The idea came from me wanting a quilted change pad for my girls, I just haven’t made it yet!).
  • My starting point for the quilt was the blue Alexander Henry Bandanna print. I have 1.5 yards of it and want to use it to back the little quilt plus incorporate it in the front too. When I went to my stash to see what other fabrics I have that would work with it, the only designs and colors that seemed to work were a couple Hope Valley ones + a Kona solid (Ash, I think).
  • My initial idea was to make three rectangular blocks and, sewn together, they would make the travel/portable diaper change pad. Each block will be ~ 8.5″ x 16.5″ unfinished once trimmed.

Now What?

After making the three blocks, I really like how they have turned out (colors, fabric combos, wavy quilting, size of blocks). However, now that I see them together, I am having doubts about my original plan (FYI: I haven’t trimmed them yet, so the white you see is batting sticking out). What I am questioning…

  • This is a lot of work going into a diaper change pad. But maybe when the baby gets older, mom could wash it well and he could use to for his stuffed animals (little girls like to tuck their dollies and babies in with blankets, do boys? would a little boy use a “doll blanket”?) So then….
  • I thought I could abandon my original plan of making a separate Rabbits and Racecars baby quilt and make more of these Bandanna/Hope Valley blocks and turn them into a baby quilt. I think it would take 8 of these blocks to make a 34″ square baby quilt. But….
  • These prints/fabrics/colors are not very juvenile and seem a bit sophisticated for a baby quilt. No?  So…
  • Maybe I should abandon turning these blocks into anything for a baby and go back to making just the one Rabbits and Racecars quilt for the baby. But…
  • I do think these Bandanna/Hope Valley blocks would make a lovely masculine quilt. However…
  • It will be several more years before there are men (or grown boys) on my list of future quilt recipients. I have three little girls so no need for “big boy room” bed quilt. And…
  • When I make a quilt, it has to be for someone or some purpose. I keep that person or purpose in mind as I make it. I can’t just make a random quilt without having an end-goal in mind. Or can I?

So, what do I do? Do I…

  • A. continue on with my plan and turn these blocks into a diaper change pad to go along with the Rabbits and Racecars baby quilt (I wish the two gifts coordinated better, but oh well)?
  • B. abandon the idea of making these Bandanna/Hope Valley into a diaper change pad and only make the Rabbits and Racecars quilt for the gift?
  • C. turn these Bandanna/Hope Valley blocks into a baby quilt and abandon the idea of making the Rabbits and Racecars quilt?
  • D. turn these Bandanna/Hope Valley blocks into a larger quilt for nobody in particular and just wait to find someone or some reason to gift it?
  • E. Tuck these Bandanna/Hope Valley blocks into a drawer and figure it out later.

I don’t know that my process thoughts are along the lines of what they are supposed to be (see end of post), but because I am so practical, I focus on how the quilt will be used and who it is for. Those two things drive my fabric choices and design.  The practical side is what drives the how/why I quilt. So, form follows function for me.

I’d love any feedback for my situation and your “what would you do?” thoughts!

8 thoughts on “[Process] Now what?

  1. I vote to put the Bandana Hope blocks away to make something larger later – because I just love the prints together, and I am sure I could not part with it:) And make a Racecars and Rabbit quilt for baby gift. I’m looking forward to see where you go – good luck!

  2. If you make it into a Quilt and need someone to gift it to I will gladly send you my address! LOL

    Love the color scheme you have going. I think a Quilt would be nice 🙂

  3. The blocks are stunning. Does the baby’s mum envision them as part of her decor? 😉 You have an exciting plan for rabbits and race cars. Stay with that, add a whole cloth type diaper pad, and save these bandana blocks for a tomboy! They really are lovely!

  4. I tend to make whatever I’m excited about and leave the rest aside. : )

    By the way, I know lots of little boys who have babies or bears that they play house with and would like little quilts for.

    Maybe you could decide by asking the mom what she’d like. Maybe show her a piece of the bandana fabric and a piece of the racecars?

  5. I like the balance and at the same time the movement of these three blocks. I am just a begining quilter, so I am not sure how I would do it, but I like the idea of a quilt. Maybe a small one for the crib. I too prefer sophisticated baby quilts.

  6. I think you should stick with your original changing pad plan.

    Yes, it’s a lot of work going into “just” a diaper change pad — but it’s something that can be used (and seen, and enjoyed)constantly. I’d do it for the same reson I sometimes knit lacey washcloths that I know are going to get mangled by day-to-day kitchen chores. I think that the joy of having and using them is worth it.

    A baby has absolutely no concept of which colors and prints are “juvenille” and which are “grown up.” I think it’d be a great baby boy quilt.

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