Quilt Care Package

The quilt care package was sent to Errick last Monday via UPS. I am not embarrassed to say that I stalked ups.com during the week, tracking to see where the package was and to make sure it was delivered. On Thursday, ups.com indicated that the package had been delivered by the “garage.” I was excited to know that the package finally arrived but then I was nervous about the box being overlooked and left outside. (You know, because I would not think to look by our garage for a package).

Quilt Care Package

I was so anxious thinking about the box sitting outside (and crossing my fingers that it was not raining) that I went ahead and messaged his wife to let her know there was a package outside in case they had not gotten it yet. She messaged me back, saying this…

Lucia, we got the package! There are either no words or too many words… Even if I said “thank you” every second from now until I die, it wouldn’t even touch how thankful I/we truly am/are. Errick and I both will be sending you a few words of our gratefulness and excitement for this package by mail soon. And, as I’ll mention in my words of thanks, it has inspired me to “pay it forward” with a passion that I possess.
P.S. You are SO creative and SO talented! Many many many virtual hugs!

And then after a little chatting back and forth, she also said,

Is it bad that I’m completely obsessed with the pot holders??? I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

So, I can easily say that the quilt care package was a hit! I am so happy to know that they *got it* (in more ways than one). So, yay Team Quilters! We did it.

And in case you are interested, the “quilt care package” contained the quilt, a little book explaining how the quilt came about, the two cross potholders, a cross zippered pouch, and three cards made with block trimmings (a card for Errick, a card for his wife and the card with orange was for their 10 month old son telling him he has a blue/gray/orange cross quilt coming to him). I posted these pictures on flickr, but in case I have blog readers that do not visit flickr regularly I have posted them here too. Click the picture to see them bigger on flickr and for a description of the pages.

"Trudy's Arse Kicking Quilt" Book "Trudy's Arse Kicking Quilt" Book
"Trudy's Arse Kicking Quilt" Book "Trudy's Arse Kicking Quilt" Book
"Trudy's Arse Kicking Quilt" Book "Trudy's Arse Kicking Quilt" Book
"Trudy's Arse Kicking Quilt" Book

Each item in the box was wrapped and had a number on it. The card for Errick had an “open me first” directive on it and inside the card I asked Errick to open the packages in numbered order, starting with the book, then the quilt, then the card for his wife, then the potholders, then the zippered pouch, and lastly the card for his son. I hope that the process of opening up their gifts put smiles on their faces. I had fun imagining what they thought as they revealed the contents of each package.

And I do not want you to think that I have forgotten about the extra cross blocks. Errick’s son’s quilt is on my TO DO list but it may be a few more weeks before I start on it (I need to wrap up a couple other time-sensitive projects first). And I think I may have found a third recipient for the rest of the cross blocks. More on that later.

And one more picture to share… my husband was my quilt-holder-upper for the quilt photo shoot (He is 6’3″ and had to stand on a chair so the quilt would not drag on the ground. I think he did a great job as “quilt holder” and he did not complain once! I also have to say that he was instrumental in helping me get this quilt done quickly because he kept the girls busy so they did not interrupt me too much during the piecing and binding stages. Love him so much. <3).

Behind the Scenes

Anyway, he used his camera phone to take this picture of me taking a picture of the quilt (if you look closely, you can see that I am wearing Errick’s “never give up” bracelet). I am seldom in pictures since I am almost always the one taking the pictures. And here, my husband has captured just that aspect of me, this project and my hobbies. His picture will go into my “52 Weeks” project. Thanks babe!

9 thoughts on “Quilt Care Package

  1. I love that you thought of every little detail and that they loved everything so much. I have come to deeply appreciate the kindness of strangers and know that I, too, should pay it forward.

  2. The whole thing is so inspiring! I love that some people wrote prayers in the seams! I think I’m going to steal that idea and do it on every project I make forever. 🙂 Thanks for including us in this project!!

  3. Lucia,

    I’m also at a loss for words to describe how much I appreciate what all YOU did to pull off this most wonderful surprise for Errick and his family. You have raised the bar for me and likely a lot of others for what is possible for extending kindness to others.

    Keeping Errick, his family and you in my prayers.

  4. Lucia, I am blown away at what a thorough job you did…nothing left to chance! And having them open it all in order must have been Christmas in August, how exciting!

    I feel completely inspired by your dedication and committment…very soon I’ll begin my brother’s quilt!

    Blessings and prayers to Errick on his journey!

  5. I got your fantastic card for participating in this, you did a great job co-ordinating this and following it all through. Everytime I see a cross quilt I think of this project and of Errick and his family. I wish you and them the very best x

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