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I was in two bees in the last year and a half. I just finished and returned the last of my blocks.

Virtual quilting bees are a nice way to connect with like-minded people and try new techniques. After this experience in bees, I have determined that I much prefer to work on my own projects, in my own time, and at my own pace. I hope that doesn’t come off sounding snooty because that is not how I intend it. Let me explain…

I am a stay-at-home-mom to three girls (ages 5, 3 and 1). My husband travels for work at least 50 percent of the time. Our extended family is a plane ride away. At this point in time, it is about prioritizing. My sewing time is precious to me and I want to spend it working on the many projects that I already have sketched out or digitally drafted. So many ideas, so little time!

My experience in VQBs went by without a lot of drama. There were a couple of drop outs, but aside from that, I think it went fairly smoothly. However… I am disappointed that I never received my block back from one bee member, despite requesting it back multiple times. I flickr mailed them (no response), left a comment on their blog (no response) and emailed them (no response). Why in the world can’t they just send my fabric back? I’ll make the block myself, I don’t care at this point. This person works hard to promote their blog/brand/sponsors but can’t fulfill a commitment they made or even reply to my communication attempts. I’m now regretting the two blocks I made for them. Oh well.

I don’t think I’ve ever blogged about any bee blocks I made. I do want to show just one, if you don’t mind.

This is the last bee block I made.

Sew Fun 2 | May | Erin

Erin sent out black & white FQs, asked us to incorporate an accent color from our stash (my choice: pink), and gave us “triangles” as a theme. I have been wanting to make “A Circle of Geese” block and figured this was a great time to do so (I used the free pattern from Piece by Number, but scaled it down to fit the block specs of 10″ finished). This block is a bit time consuming, but oh so fun to watch come together.

I should be able to show you a finished bee quilt soon. I am more than half way done quilting it and just need to sit down again to finish it up.

7 thoughts on “Ready to Bee Done

  1. i’m with you on virtual bees. i just can’t do it. i’d rather sew something else. and all that traveling to the post office was just annoying.

    yours is not the first instance i’ve heard of a big-time blogger not fulfilling their bee responsibilities and being incommunicado. personally, i think they should be publicly called to task…

  2. I feel the same way! I was in three bees and I loved the experience of trying new blocks and making friends, but in the end I realized that my sewing time is short (I work outside the home and my husband is a SAHD) and I’d much rather spend it on my own projects. I will be in one VQB in the fall, and that was by invitation with some friends. Flake Factor taken care of, I hope.

    I’ve been pretty lucky with flakery in my bees, but I do have a couple of blocks and – most disappointingly – a whack of fabric still outstanding with no communication from the bee member. Very disappointing!

  3. I haven’t joined any bees before…but may I ask what machine you use for piecing your quilts–I have used a pfaff varimatic for the past 20 yrs and it has gone over to the “dark side”–the thread keeps jumping out of the discs and I have had it fixed many times…very frustrating!! thank you–love your quilts….Julierose

  4. Same here. I had the bad luck to go the last month of a bee and only two people sent me blocks 🙁 I guess I had fun sewing the ones that I sent out, though.

  5. I’ve actually been pretty lucky in the bees I’ve been in…had one that came back really badly sewn (seams coming apart) but other than that I think I’ve lucked out. And now the only bee I’m in is Ringo Pie.
    Sorry to hear about your bee experiences – I don’t know why people don’t respond..what’s up with that? Hope you get it way or another.
    Finishing those bee quilts is wonderful…I have a couple that I still need to sew up!

  6. Thanks so much for my block. I got it the other day. And don’t worry at all that it was late. I haven’t even thought of how I want to put it together.

    I must confess…and I’m putting it in writing and then going to scurry off and actually work on my blocks. I’ve been procrastinating…like BIG time. I’ve decided that with my life and goals, after the bees I’m currently in, I’m not going to do anymore for now. I think I just got a bad taste in my mouth like you did and when people didn’t return mine, I started slacking in general. Not a very good quilting attitude, but one that I certainly hope to change.

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