Reduce – Reuse – Recycle

I have a pretty convoluted intricate way of saving my fabric scraps. I keep every single piece of fabric, including the fluff, thread bunches and itty bitty pieces that remain after squaring up blocks.

I cannot bear the thought of putting fabric (or batting) in the trash because I feel like there is still life in them.

My scrap system is definitely not for everyone but it works for me. I won’t go into detail about how I organize my scraps (maybe later), instead I will show you what I do with all of the unusable fabric scraps and batting trimmings.

Pet Bed out of Fabric Scraps

I have been saving them in a king-sized pillowcase. With all that I have been working on, it did not take too long for the pillowcase to fill up. Now that it is overflowing, it is time to turn my non-trash into something usable — a pet bed!

Pet Bed out of Scraps

The funny thing is, we don’t have any pets! So, I think this may be heading to my aunt and uncle in Kansas who so kindly adopted my our cat Chubbs almost five years ago. They have a house full of cats and dogs, so surely one of their furry friends would like a new place to sleep, maybe even Chubbs will claim it as his own.

Pet Bed from Fabric Scraps

To make the bed, I used two flannels from Joann to create a square-in-square design for the top. I decided to quilt the outside covers because I did not know if the irregular stuffing would make the bed lumpy. I also wanted to make the seams stable and thought using the quilt-as-you-go technique would help reinforce the patchwork.

The bottom is one solid piece of flannel that I straight line quilted. I sewed the top and bottom pieces right sides together, leaving a small opening on one side. I then boxed the corners, turned it right side out, stuffed it with my scraps, and hand sewed the opening closed. The bed ended up being around 20″ square and 7″ tall (I started with 28″ squares for the top and bottom, prior to boxing the corners).

I love that I was able to turn fabric trash into something very usable. My girls thought the “pillow” was for them, so maybe next time I will use my fabric trash to make a floor pillow they can use.

– – – –

NOTE: I kinda want to wash the pet bed before I send it off to make sure it can be cleaned that way. I think I would machine wash it on the “handwash” cycle. I am curious (and nervous!) to see what it will look like post-wash (especially since I did not pre-wash the flannel!). Anyone with experience machine washing something like this? I have machine washed stuffed animals before without a problem… surely this could be too?!?

4 thoughts on “Reduce – Reuse – Recycle

  1. What a great way to use ALL of the bits and pieces left over!!!
    My advice on washing it, really has to do with drying it. I’d suggest putting a clean pair of old tennis shoes in the dryer with it. Old-just in case some of the fabric dye rubs off on them. The shoes beat the batting and keep it from packing together tightly when tumbling in the dryer, however they can occasionally kick the dryer door ajar, too 🙂
    Love the floor pillow idea, too! Such cool stuff you create 🙂

  2. i do exactly the same thing with all the scraps and the batting and ribbon trimmings and it seems like my three dogs love their beds…

    the cushion you made is so beautiful!

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