Room Design Inspo ☆ GOTY 2019 Blaire Wilson

Each of my daughters has a designated doll bedroom in our doll house. The bedrooms are on the second floor of the doll house.

I began brainstorming ideas for Blaire Wilson’s room soon after my youngest daughter Tessa bought the 2019 GOTY on release day.

In the books, Blaire lives in upstate New York in an old Victorian house built in the 1880s. Her bedroom is in a turret. We weren’t going to re-create the look of a round room in our doll house. Instead we want to give Blaire a room that has a mix of vintage pieces (passed down from family members?) and newer items, with a comfortable farmhouse feel.

We already have the yellow Jenny Lind-style bed from Molly’s collection which is a perfect starting point for her room, stylewise and color. I pictured a small-scale floral print for her bedding (maybe pink?), with a couple of decorative pillows, one green. I want to see some stripes in the room somewhere — either as a rug or blanket on the bed.

A “vintage” stained-wood jewelry box with drawers will serve as her dresser. Light sheers for her window, floral if possible. To tie in the bees on Blaire’s meet dress, I want to include bee accents where possible. (Not shown on the design board, I also want to incorporate hexagons in a wall art piece). We also think it will be fun for (our) Blaire to have a collection of pigs; and if you give her a pig collection then she’ll need a wall shelf to store them on, as well as other trinkets. A desk (in green?) is also a must to give her a place to make and create. And she’ll want an inspiration board to tack ideas on to (mentioned in her books).

For the backdrop of Blaire’s room, Tessa’s doll’s room walls are already painted a light aqua blue (Sherwin Williams SW6485 Raindrop, leftover from painting my oldest daughter’s real bedroom).

A shiplap accent wall is a perfect addition to Blaire’s room. This was easy to do — I used lengths of 1″ PRE-PRIMED wood trim, held in place with brad nails. The pre-primed wood is perfect. The primer has been applied unevenly and that creates an aged look (with no work on my end!) Also, I purposely cut some of the boards short to show where the boards are butted up against each other to span the wall.

All of our doll bedrooms have the same flooring finish. I created real-wood but faux-plank floors with a painted whitewash finish. The “planks” are created from scoring (denting and gouging) the wood.

One thing not included on my design inspiration board (above) is latticework. Our Blaire’s room is too small to use the arbor that comes in Blaire’s Party Decor set. Instead I want to create a freestanding “closet” with latticework on the sides.

We are excited to put all of the pieces together to create a fun room for our Blaire. Stayed tuned for the finished Room Reveal next month!

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