[scrappy strings] Top Pieced

Wonky Scrapbusting String Quilt :: WIP, Top Pieced

(I worked as fast as I could, trying to beat the sun before it set so I could get a good picture of the top pieced. The sun won the race. So, my picture is in dark — I’ll get a better one in a day or so.) (No clouds in the sky… a little too sunny for the picture, but better than the nighttime version!)

–> Inspired by filminthefridge‘s colorful *Kaleidoscope* string quilt (tutorial here).

As I placed the finished blocks on the design wall to figure out placement, I wanted to make sure same fabrics/colors were scattered *randomly* (like seen here). Then instead, looking for a challenge, I tried to see if I could get the biggest blocks inside of the brown grid to match up to create colored squares (Does that make sense?). Somehow I was able to get the layout right and it didn’t take me too long to get it all to line up. Strangely enough I only had to recreate one block to get everything to work out.

I think the additional *constant* of the colored squares in this crazy/chaotic wonky quilt helps bring some order to it.

Next up, piecing the back. It will be made with as many scraps as I can fit.

More photos of this quilt’s progress here.

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