Second Giveaway Winner

Ok, so to make up for my goof with figuring the correct number of total comments and then including all of the comments in the original giveaway, here is my second little giveaway. This giveaway is for some odd shaped smaller pieces of the Munki blue background roller skate print as well as odd shaped smaller pieces of the Munki telephone print (like shown in this picture (not mine)). The pieces are odd-shaped since they come from taking apart a Munki nightgown (one of the only way to get Munki prints now). You should be able fussy cut a thing or two out of each piece (4 pieces total) and I hope someone can put these prints and pieces to good use!

Without further ado… the second giveaway winner is:

And that is Anna from Lasso the Moon.

Anna, I will email you in just a bit to get your info. Congrats!

Oh, and thank you for the comments about my daughter and her broken arm/surgery. She is doing great and adjusting to her cast. She’s been a trooper through it all.

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