Onto another one, strings this time.

Wonky Scrapbusting String Quilt :: WIP, top blocks

I’ve recently added some incredible new fabrics to my stash. Comparing my new lovely fabric to what was currently in my stash (and scraps), I realized that I wanted to do some *purging* of sorts; getting rid of existing fabrics that didn’t wow me and that weren’t the softest.

Since I couldn’t just throw the fabric away, I decided to make a string quilt after seeing filminthefridge‘s colorful *Kaleidoscope* string quilt (she even created a tutorial here) – thank you! My plan is to use every last bit of this non-wow fabric to complete this string quilt.

My colors are different than FITF’s, but I still like it. She used white in the center of her blocks but I used brown (what I had on hand) and then I’m also creating little brown squares in the center of my brown *blocks* to help pull the top together. It’s a lot of color and I am liking it a lot more than I thought I would. The fabrics I am using are less than interesting. Each block by itself is rather ugly, but together, as a whole, they are interesting.

Wonky Scrapbusting String Quilt :: WIP, top

I was able to (paper) piece about 3/4 of the blocks for the top of the quilt today. Once I finish piecing the rest, then I’ll have the tedious task of pulling all of that paper off the back. I just hope I don’t pull out any stitches!

More photos of this quilt’s progress here.

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