Summer Slow Down = more WIPs

With summer in full swing, I am realizing that this sewing and quilting habit obsession hobby has to S L O W down a lot more than I would like. My oldest (4) is done with school for the summer and since we do not have any camps planned, the girls are under my charge full time. Attending tea parties, playing dolls, setting up rail roads and cooking in the play kitchen does not leave much time to sit at the sewing machine.

So, the status of most of projects is on-hold but my mind is not on hold.  This is a problem. In the last year and half that I have been quilting, I have been pretty good about keeping my WIPs/UFOs under control. No longer. I have started (then subsequently put on hold) more projects in the last month or so than I have any other time. Not to mention the couple of WIPs/UFOs that were already on my list…. I’ve never had this many lingering projects. And I keep thinking of new projects to start. Must resist!

Here is a run down of what I have in the works (starting with the most recently started first):

Wee Play Hexes

Wee Play Hexagons [Q18]
I started this handwork project so I could have something to work on during our recent trip to Atlanta where we spent 30 hours in the car to get there.
• Stage: basting hexes and piecing hex flowers
• Size: my goal is lap size which will require more than 1000 hexes; I only have about 80 hexes done so far.
• Hope to finish: in the next five years ;)


Hopscotch Patchwork WIP Hopscotch Patchwork WIP

Hopscotch Patchwork [Q17]
This quilt design has been in my head for months and I finally started it in the last month. It feels strange to post a sketch like this without the quilt being further along. I feel a little vulnerable!
I finished the gray “background” pavement blocks (Kate’s modified version of Elizabeth’s ‘map of the states’ design) and green grass blocks but it has been slow going for the free-pieced number blocks. I have completed numbers 1 through 5 so far.
• Stage: almost done making the blocks
• Size: picnic
• Hope to finish… before summer is over


Nesting with Modern Arcadia (no photo) [Q16]
I discovered that Arcadia and the Sunny Days palette of Modern Meadow blend pretty well, so I am combining them in a quilt using the Nest pattern.
• Stage: still cutting the fabric (taking forever since I’m not using precuts)
• Size: picnic or lap
• Need to finish… this fall


Now What?

Bandanna Hope [Q14]
still lots ‘to be determined’ with this one: size, recipient, final design…


Sunny Shoo Fly

Sunny Shoo-fly [Q10]
• Stage: less than half way done piecing the blocks
• Size: nap quilt
• Have to finish… before Chelsea starts preschool (end of August)


Patchwork Curtains in Progress

Patchwork Playroom [Q0]
These are (were?) supposed to be curtains, but I’m not sure if that’s what I want them to be. Once I finish piecing the second curtain, I may put them together to create a quilt top.
• Stage: one curtain is pieced; one more to finish piecing
• Size: curtains or a lap quilt
• Hope to finish… some day!

2 thoughts on “Summer Slow Down = more WIPs

  1. Glad I’m not the only one who has many WIP’s in progress. Love those little hexagons. I’m not so much into hand sewing but I keep seeing them in quilting blogland and I’m like a moth to flame! 😉

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