[Sunny Shoo-Fly] Finished!

Chelsea's Preschool Nap Quilt

I started Chelsea’s preschool nap quilt back in April, thinking I would finish something early for a change. Yeah, that didn’t happen. After starting it, I got interested in other things and it got put on the backburner. And there is nothing like a fast approaching deadline — the start of school — to get me back on track.

The making of the quilt…

[Sunny Shoo-Fly] Finished

I had a couple of yards of a Lila Tueller Soiree print and wanted to use it to back this quilt. That print then determined the color palette for the front. I incorporated the Soiree print into the front by using fussy-cut squares for the middle of the shoo-fly blocks. I accidentally miscut the Soiree yardage when fussy cutting and ended up being short one fussy-cut flower to complete the front blocks. In order to get one more fussy-cut flower, I would have lost 8 inches of my backing fabric.  Instead of doing that, I introduced another Lila Tueller print, this one from the Santorini line.

[Sunny Shoo-Fly] Finished

I used one of the flowers from the Santorini print to fill in my missing fussy-cut shoo-fly center and then also added that print to the back as well. I did not buy the two Lila fabrics to go together, but they do. I kinda like the Santorini print better (the top one) and wish I had used it through out. Once I came to that conclusion, I was too far in my process to go back and redo it (and I was running out of time).

[Sunny Shoo-Fly] Finished

I was inspired to make this quilt after seeing Malka’s (stitchindye) oversized shoo-fly quilts. I liked the oversized blocks and I liked that the corner (background) fabrics of her quilts did not all match. I tried to convey some of the same feeling by using two different yellow prints for the corners of my shoo-fly blocks.

[Sunny Shoo-Fly] Finished

I learned a nice lesson while piecing this quilt — always trim your blocks the same. Not thinking, I squared up one or two of the blocks a little too much and it really threw this quilt off when I was piecing it. Very few of the points match up. I just remind myself that it is for preschool and then the worry of matching points goes away.

For the quilting, I just outlined the inside of the shoo-fly blocks and then outlined the center square of each block. I started to do small meandering stitching in all of the yellow areas, but that looked out of place, so I picked it out.

[Sunny Shoo-Fly] Finished

For the back, I separated the two Lila prints with a pieced strip using leftovers from the front fabrics. I did not initially plan to have the brown solid fabric on the back, but after piecing the strip in, I decided that the brown needed to be there to break up all of the pattern.

[Sunny Shoo-Fly] Finished

I tried something new for my quilt label. My machine has decorative stitches that look like letters (not to be confused with embroidery, because these are definitely not embroidered letters). I have two options with the letter stitching — regular letters and “cursive” letters. I used the cursive lettering here and the spacing is a little off. I cannot adjust it any way from what I can tell. Not the best, but usable still.

I did the label lettering on a piece of the yellow fabric and then attached it to the back on top of another yellow print to help it blend into the back somewhat (in the photo above, I had fused the label to the back, but had not hand sewn it down yet. If I had known that I was doing minimal quilting, I would have pieced the label into the strip on the back, instead of attaching it on top of it. Oh, well. Another lesson learned.

[Sunny Shoo-Fly] Finished

All in all, I am happy with the way the quilt came out. And Chelsea likes it too, and that is what is important.

4 thoughts on “[Sunny Shoo-Fly] Finished!

  1. great job. its such a cheerful quilt. i just ‘re’learned the leasson of squaring up my blocks too…that is such a frustrating lesson to learn again! i love your use of different colored yellows!

  2. What a pretty, pretty quilt. So sunny and happy! I love the Joel Dewberry woodgrain fabric you have in it. I have that fabric too and it mixes so well! I saw your scrappy blocks on Flickr. Very nice!!

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