Doll House: Second Floor!

It's coming along! We got the second floor walls up and dowels placed. Missing from the picture/structure are the square support poles that will go in each corner. The walls on the second floor are somewhat floating with very little support (they are attached to the floor with screws from underneath). Typically, this wouldn't be … Continue reading Doll House: Second Floor!

Doll House: First Floor!

We got the first floor put together! If you look closely at the picture, you can see the dowels sticking up at the top some of the walls. We placed the dowels around the perimeter mostly. The underside of floor 2 has holes corresponding to the dowels positions seen here. The dowels won't be glued … Continue reading Doll House: First Floor!

Doll House Build: Little Details

It's fun thinking about how to add some details to the doll house to make it look more realistic. I used trim to create panels for the front door. There are three windows in the house. I'm adding lattice board to the inside of the window edges, to give them a clean look. I'll probably … Continue reading Doll House Build: Little Details