[TAKQ] In All Its Glory – Finished!

Trudy’s Arse Kicking Quilt for Errick is finished. FINISHED!

I struggle to put into words how happy I am with how it turned out. I am so proud to be apart of this quilt. Thank you so much for your contributions, help, and support throughout the process.

Trudy's Arse Kicking Quilt [Finished!]

In the end, 53 quilters from across the US, six from Canada and two from the UK donated 214 cross blocks to make this quilt.  Only 117 cross blocks were actually used in this quilt. The remaining blocks will be turned into a crib quilt for Errick’s son, into housewares (two already made, more to come), and most likely a third quilt to be donated/raffled off.

Finishing the quilt…  I asked Liza (The English Street Quilter) to do a water-like quilting design (inspired by this) which looks like evenly spaced horizontal lines from afar. However, upon closer inspection, you see there is more to it with the added curves that break up the lines. Liza used a soft blue thread and I think it looks great on both the front and the back.

Trudy's Arse Kicking Quilt [Finished!]

I used Quilter’s Dream Wool batting which is listed as a mid-loft and marketed as both machine washable and dryable (the batting was donated at cost by Laura Kay at Happiness is… Quilting; thank you!). I like the loft of the wool and like how smooth it makes the quilt look (a characteristic of wool batting from what I can tell). I normally wash all of my quilts immediately after finishing and prior to gifting. For some reason, I am nervous to wash this one before sending it on its way. What do you think… should I wash it?? (I have some color catchers on hand to toss in with it).

Trudy's Arse Kicking Quilt [Finished!]

The backing is a soft flannel and I love how it feels (again, donated at cost by Laura Kay at Happiness is… Quilting). Liza did the piecing for me (thank you!) and I think the singular large cross makes such a grand statement.

For the binding, I used a Kona solid (charcoal I think). It is something simple to frame the variety of crosses on the front.

Trudy's Arse Kicking Quilt [Finished!]

During the quilting process, this quilt happened to reach milestones that coincided with Errick’s treatment plan. I put out the call for help on Errick’s first day of chemo. Two weeks later, on the day of Errick’s second chemo treatment, I dropped the quilt off with the long arm quilter. Then, two weeks after that, on the day of Errick’s third chemo treatment, I finished the quilt. And since I am mailing the quilt care package to Errick and family on Monday, he should have it in time for his next chemo treatment.

Trudy's Arse Kicking Quilt [Finished!]

Let me leave you with a quote from Errick’s most recent blog post, Cancer, a gift…:

I know in life it is so easy to get caught up in work, finances, or so many other issues that we sometimes lose track of the most important things in our lives, our families. As unintentional as it may be, we take what we have right in front of us for granted. We just assume that there is going to be a tomorrow, we assume that we will have another chance, but tomorrow is not a guarantee, it is a gift. I pray that this stays in the forefront of my mind for as long as I shall live, and I hope that all of you will pause for a few seconds each day and count your blessings. Take a moment to really hug your spouse, hold your children next to you where you can feel their hearts beating, and just say thank you.

Errick’s attitude and faith are such an inspiration. What he has written is such a good reminder to me, to us all. I am trying to keep it top-of-mind throughout my day (I will admit though that in my crazy days with the little ones, it can be hard to remember this and not get bogged down by all of the junk that gets in the way). I need to make it a point to clear out the “junk” at least once a day so I can remember to be thankful for my family. Anyone with me?

18 thoughts on “[TAKQ] In All Its Glory – Finished!

  1. What an amazing attitude Errick has and what an inspiration…I hope “our” quilt brings him lots of comfort and support in his battle!
    You did an amazing job, Lucia! Thanks for letting me contribute to the quilt! My thoughts and prayers are with Errick and his loved ones. Now I must go and hug my family…

  2. I love every part of this quilt Lucia!
    i would wash it…that way its ready to use upon arrival!
    thank you for letting us help in this very worthy endeavor! prayers and wishes go with this package!

  3. It is just stunning. It really has that WOW factor, both in visual appeal and of course even moreso with all the wonderful care and generous contributions of many. You did a super job!!!!!!!

  4. The quilt looks wonderful. I know it will be a comfort to Errick both physically and and spiritually for all the love and prayers that went into it. You do need praise for accomplishing a special task. If you do not want to accept it from others, at least hear it from me, your mother! You have touched many lives by letting them be a part of this project and gift. I am proud of you. May Errick have the use of his Trudy’s Kick Arse quilt for years to come. Love, Mom

  5. The quilt turned out beautifully. I’m glad that so many people rose to the challenge and produced an abundance of blocks. What a wonderful gift!

  6. It turned out great!!! AND there is so much love invested in that quilt…every cut and stitch made with the hope your friend will get better….something you can’t buy from a store. You should be so proud of yourself! 🙂
    I am proud to be part of this project.

  7. Lucia! You and Errick are making me cry. The quilt is gorgeous (so are your photos!). And it looks even more fabulous in person, folks!

    I would wash it too. If something happens in the first wash, you’d want to be able to repair it before it’s sent off.

    Thanks for the reminders to slow down and concentrate on what’s really important. A lesson that’s becoming clearer to me daily.

  8. The quilt turned out fabulous! Its colors and design are so pleasing! I wish the best for your friend and he is lucky to have a friend like you!!

  9. Tears in my eyes reading this. You put an amazing effort into this and the shared experience all round is awe inspiring(and reading the comments above too), the backing is fantastic too!

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