[Trudy Too] Finished!

[Trudy Too] Finished

I have had this quilt 99 percent done for awhile now. Why is it that the last step or two can sometimes take the longest?? Once I do one more thing, the quilt will be going in the mail to Errick and family.

This “Trudy” quilt is for Errick’s son, who just turned one.

[Trudy Too] Finished

This quilt combines the bolder or brighter (non-muted) blue blocks I received, plus blocks with white, and then there are some orange accent blocks (+ a gnome or two in a few blocks, thanks to Christine). The quilt is lap-sized (62.5″ x 47″). I quilted in a meandering stipple.

[Trudy Too] Finished

I wanted the back to contrast the front so I used this orange Michael Miller fabric donated by Jamie (a fellow DMQG‘er). The binding is pieced with mostly grey solids with a couple of blue solids added in.

[Trudy Too] Finished

I hope Errick’s son likes his quilt and one day sees that it is almost like his daddy’s.

And to update you all on Errick… he has been through a lot — more than I can imagine — in the last few month. He completed two excruciating rounds of chemo in the fall. And in December, he had major surgery to remove the tumors (AKA “Trudy”) and affected areas (portions of his liver, intestines, etc.). This surgery also involved restructuring his insides and he now has a colostomy bag. The surgeons were able to remove every bit of the tumors and the doctors have declared him “cancer free.” (!!!) Errick was only supposed to be in the hospital for 7 days and home in time for Christmas, but it took a total of three surgeries and almost 30 days in hospital to get him back home. He has a long road to recovery ahead of him and more treatment and surgeries as well, I believe. His wife, Laurie, has been so strong throughout the process and shows amazing grace in such a difficult situation. I truly cannot fathom what it has been like for her. They are constantly in our prayers. Laurie says that Errick is going to start updating his blog again, once he feels up to it (she’s been keeping everyone up to date on Facebook for now). So, if you can spare a prayer or send a positive thought his way, he and his family would appreciate it!

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  1. just awesome lucia! the backing fabric if fabulous for this quilt. im sure errick and his family will be blown away by your generosity and prayers and obvious concern for their family!! amazing job! way to stick with it!! so glad to have the update on errick. all the best to him!

  2. Looks perfect, Lucia! I was wondering how Errick was doing. Sending good thoughts and prayers their way… Happy New Year to you and your family, too.

  3. It’s beautiful. I made a front for my daughter’s bed awhile back. I just didn’t know what to do with the back.. But now I’ve decided..hope mine is as good as this.

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