Ugly, maybe…

I’ve been sewing fast and furious the last two days and as a result I got the top pieced for Mallory’s nap quilt for preschool next year. Hey, I’m actually (close to) accomplishing something early, for a change. After that, most all of the quils on my To Do list are for Christmas, so I hope to get a start on them soon.

U-G-L-Y... ack! (front pieced)^^ FRONT: pieced ^^

Back to Mal’s quilt… as I was putting the border on, I decided that I think it’s kind of ugly. Ack! Colors aren’t working and my flowery cartwheel blocks didn’t come out like I envisioned. The cartwheels were improvised and supposed to look more wonky (each *petal* was pieced improv style and I trimmed each block on an angle), but instead they just look poorly done. But, considering that it’s going to be a quilt for preschool, I’m ok with not loving it. I hope I can be motivated enough to finish it!

U-G-L-Y... ack! (front pieced: close-up)^^ FRONT pieced: close-up ^^

I think the biggest reason why I’m feeling blah is the striped green fabric. I really didn’t want to go out and buy fabric for this, so I used what was in my stash. Technically the green matches, but I just don’t know that it’s the right fit for this. And it’s a nice soft fabric but I have way more than I need (I bought a couple of yards many years ago when I thought I might sew children’s clothes – yeah, not so much), so I’m looking for any way to use it – so tired of looking at it!

U-G-L-Y... ack! (back: prepiecing)^^ BACK: fabric pre-piecing ^^

The colors on the front of the quilt were determined by the fabric I am backing it with. I’m going to incorporate that pieced strip into the back horizontally near the bottom.

U-G-L-Y... ack! (back close-up: prepiecing)^^ BACK close-up: fabric pre-piecing ^^

I really thought all of the colors would work together but now I think they don’t. Maybe the fuchsia and darker green are too similar in tone? I don’t know. I guess it doesn’t matter too much at this point.

I do love the fuchsia Coriander Amy Butler print though (technically called “pink”). It pieces together so well for a larger print, in that the seams kind of disappear. I had originally bought it (online) to go with my Far Far Away fabric, but it didn’t match, so it found a new project.

Oh, and Jonathan think my border is too wide… what do you think? It would be 4.5″ finished at its current state. And for reference, the quilt is about 40″ x 50″ with the current border. AND, what about binding? Before I put it all together I was thinking the green stripe. Now I’m not sure?!

Anyway, I think this will be the last of my sewing until next week. The in-laws arrive on Thursday and I need to get busy getting the house ready, including cleaning up my sewing space. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Ugly, maybe…

  1. I love it! The only change I would make is trim the border to 4″, use a green for the binding and perhaps insert the back strip about 1/3 from the top or bottom of the backing. The colors balance each other well and your cartwheels are so fun!! I can’t believe its going to preschool – its a beauty ~

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