And the winner is….

The May Day Giveaway has been fun! I’m glad that so many of you were interested in the Munki Roller Skate prints. And thank you for links and ideas for my future Heather Ross / Munki quilt. My mind is spinning with possibilities. 🙂 And now, after a random visit, we have a winner! results

And that is holly p from bijou lovely.

Congratulations Holly! I will send you an email shortly to get your info.

It will probably take a couple of days to get your little package in the mail because my 2 year old broke her arm/elbow Wednesday and had surgery yesterday. So managing her – along with her sisters (3 months and 4 years) – is a little overwhelming at the moment! My mom is flying in tomorrow so that will provide some relief which means I should be able to get to the PO Monday the 24th. Again, congrats!

3 thoughts on “And the winner is….

  1. unbalivable! that sounds very hard to deal with all that
    i hope she will feel better soon
    and that you find the time to rest
    wish all of you the best!

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