So, my birthday is in a few days and I took it upon myself to order some fabric for me for my big day. The fabric has arrived and it is just lovely. I am trying really hard not to buy fabric for the sole purpose of stash building. I am trying to focus on fabrics for specific projects.

Focus, focus, focus.

Happy Birthday to ME!

First up, is a little bit of Parisville by Tula Pink. I am going to turn these bits into new cosmetics/toiletry bags for me.  Most of the bags will have a lining made out of laminated cotton. I ordered a Parisville laminate (and was sent the wrong one) and also ordered another laminate that I hoped would coordinate with Parisville (it was half the price). And in person, it does! It’s the fuchsia giraffe-like print in the back right. I think I like it better as a lining than what the available Parisville laminated cotton prints.

Happy Birthday to ME! [Heath + Laminate!]

While I was looking at the laminated cotton, I saw this lime hounds tooth print that was on sale. I want to make toiletry bags for the girls too, and I think the lime will coordinate with the Red Letter Day prints I already have in my stash.

And, the black Alexander Henry Heath crosshatch print is destined to be the center kites in a selvage spiderweb quilt that I hope to start soon (turns out I didn’t order enough of the black for a spiderweb quilt, so I had to order more!). The black Heath seemed lonely in my cart, so I added the other Heath colors.

Uh, oh… looks like some stash building.

Happy Birthday to ME!

And then I saw these prints from the Victoria & Albert Venice collection. I absolutely love the books and the line drawn churches.

Mysteriously those bottles, birds and boats sneaked into my shopping cart.

Happy Birthday to ME!

By the end, my will power lost the battle and these Robert Kaufman Metro Living prints made it home to me for the sole purpose of stash building. At a price of around $5/yard, they were impossible to resist. I think these will make great bindings and I don’t have a lot of 1 yard cuts of prints suitable for binding. That’s good rationale, right?

Now, to figure out where these are going to go in my already full fabric shelves…

8 thoughts on “Yummy

  1. happy birthday lucia. you definitely got some great fabrics to celebrate the day…im trying so so so hard not to fill up another cart at fabric.com too!

  2. Happy Birthday Lucia. You’ve inspired me to do a little birthday fabric shopping of my own.
    Girl, please tell me your secret… How in the world did you get Metro Living for $5 yard. Isn’t it kind of a new collection?

    1. Ranelle — the fantastic deal on the metro living prints was at fabric.com. They were less than $6/yard, then I used a 15% off coupon, so they were right around $5/yard. Crazy!

  3. Great choices girl! I got a lot of the Metro Living too, but I’m kicking myself for only getting 1/2 yard cuts! I don’t know why I just didn’t go ahead and get a full yard. Duh! $5/yard!

    1. Jenny — it is new. I haven’t really updated my blog design since I started the blog about 2 years ago. I figured it was about time for a little make-over. 🙂

    1. Monica — I placed my first order with fabric.com to get these fabrics. Great deal, plus there’s always a coupon code (usually 15% off) available.

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