Doll House: 3rd Floor Plans

In the time between making the final mini doll house prototype and cutting the plywood for the life-size house, I adjusted the plans slightly.

My original plan was to include a doorway from the classroom to the craft room. The door would have been on the left hand side of the classroom, opposite the arched doorway.

The opening would have been on the right wall. I realized putting a door there would have limited furniture placement for both the craft room and the classroom. I had wanted all rooms to be accessible from other rooms, but I’m ok with this change. I’d rather have more places to put all the mini craft supplies in the craft room.

I’m excited to get started on building out Kit’s bedroom.

The library room is on the opposite side of the house from the craft room. I’m now doubting my choice for this room to have two door openings. That is really going to limit what goes in the room and how it is placed. I’m not sure how I can fix it!

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