[Arcadian Meadow] Finished

[Arcadian Meadow] Finished

I am glad to finally call this quilt finished. When you consider that I started cutting the fabric for it a year ago and it is a gift for my brother (and now sister-in-law) who got married in January, it’s about time!

We are in Florida visiting family so I was able to hand deliver the quilt to my brother and sister-in-law as well as take pictures of it in my folks’ backyard garden.

For this quilt, I used the pattern that Moda released with Tula Pink’s Nest collection. The pattern calls for pre-cuts (layer cake + jelly roll) and I had only a layer cake + FQs. I had to modify the pattern slightly to make it work with FQs instead of a jelly roll. And I upped the total number of blocks from 16 to 24.

[Arcadian Meadow] Finished

Combing Arcadia and Modern Meadow prints was a happy accident after the two collections were placed next to each other on my sewing table last summer. I discovered that most of the Sunny Day palette of Modern Meadow works with Arcadia. I did not include the Modern Meadow prints with a lot of aqua (“pond”) because it is brighter than the Arcadia aqua. And the other colors – orange, ochre/yellow, taupe/brown, white/ivory – aren’t an exact match but are close enough that I felt comfortable using them together.

[Arcadian Meadow] Finished

I had to piece large cuts of the Arcadia prints for the backing. When I showed my husband what yardage of Arcadia is going for on etsy, he thought I was nuts to use it for the backing. But I bought the fabric awhile ago with the intention of using it as a backing, so that’s what it became.

[Arcadian Meadow] Finished

I once again pieced my label into the back and am still happy with the results.

[Arcadian Meadow] Finished

And I used the Modern Meadow Herringbone print in timber for the binding.

Before sitting down to free motion quilt, the first thing I did was modify my darning/free motion foot. Doing so makes such a huge difference in my ability to FMQ. I have better visibility, more control and I am not distracted by a jumping foot. Why didn’t I do it sooner?!

For the quilting, I am continuing to push myself, albeit slowly, to expand beyond stippling. I am most comfortable with all-over stitch designs; am not comfortable travel stitching yet; and for this quilt I wanted the stitching to resemble plants/nature in some way to mimic the motifs in the fabric. Given all of that, I felt a little limited by what I could tackle.

[Arcadian Meadow] Finished

I searched through Leah Day‘s archive of free motion quilting stitches and thought I might attempt the “Wandering Clover” design. After trying it out on a test quilt sandwich, I simplified the design even more into a two-leaf clover, instead of three.

The quilting design is a little more dense than I intended. I went through nearly 8 bobbins of a 50wt Aurifill thread (which is a thinner thread)! The thinner thread practically disappears in the quilt but leaves a nice texture. I do like the result and am excited to tackle a harder FMQ design next.

I used Soy Soft by Luna (Moda) batting for the second time and am much happier with the results this go-around. I did not experience any bearding and pilling like I did the first time (the bearding and pilling might have been a result of me washing, and not drying, the quilt several times trying to get rid of chalk lines. Maybe I agitated it too much??). Soy Soft is a 50/50 organic soy cotton blend, is naturally anti-bacterial, has a really nice drape and is also lighter than the cotton batt I normally use (Warm & Natural). I would definitely use it again.

And now, some other notes and lessons learned from this quilt…

  • I broke more needles than I would care to admit while quilting (AKA watch out for safety pins!).
  • I learned to always check my tension before sewing (apparently my girls like to play with the tension dial which meant I had to unpick stitches twice).
  • Layer cakes are not accurately cut by the manufacturer.
  • I prefer designing and drafting my own patterns as opposed to following someone else’s pattern.
  • Better ergonomics + large even surface area around my sewing machine + modified darning foot = a much more successful and pleasant FMQing experience 🙂

[Arcadian Meadow] Finished

Oh, and you would think that my WIP count would have gone down by finishing this quilt, right? It turns out it didn’t. I somehow managed to start yet another project as I was trying to complete this one, so my WIP count remains at 11.

9 thoughts on “[Arcadian Meadow] Finished

  1. I LOVE this post! My little girl is always adjusting my tension dial for me. And my speed setting. I’ll sit down and it will go soooooo slow! And I agree about Layer cakes not being accurately cut by the MF. Cutting my Nest LC for my single girl was tough, since the 10″ squares are not all 10″, nor are they square 😉

  2. These 2 lines did work really well together! What a beautiful garden your folks have – made a spectacular photo of the quilt. I’m sure your brother and his wife were *thrilled*! 😀

  3. This is one of my favorite fabric lines! I am not normally an ‘orange person’ but I sure love how all the colors work together! I also love the quilting design, I want to try it now!

  4. what a beautiful quilt lucia…and now i am resisting all urges to search for thsi colorway of Modern Meadow to go with my inadequate supply of Arcadia. just a lovely quilt. so striking!

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